Essay on Greenhouse gases and their impact

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Nowadays, global warming has become the most heated topic to be discussed everywhere around the world.  The reason behind global warming is the increase in the level of greenhouse gases.  Now the question here is what are greenhouse gases and how are they responsible for global warming.  Here, there is well explained definition of greenhouse, greenhouse gases and their impact.

free essay on Greenhouse gases

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Greenhouse effect:  An enormous amount of sun’s radiations enter the earth’s atmosphere in the form of lights, ultraviolet rays, infrared and many other invisible radiations.  Earth reflects back 30% of the received radiations back to space and absorbs 70% in its atmosphere including ocean and land.  As the atmosphere absorbs radiations and gets heat up, It soon release the heat in the form of Infrared radiations back into space. The balance between incoming and outgoing radiations helps in balancing an average temperature on earth surface. The whole process is termed as green house effect as greenhouse acts the very same way.  UV radiations easily penetrate through the glass walls of greenhouse and is absorbed by plant and radiations prevented from escaping back by the glass walls help in maintaining a warm temperature inside the greenhouse.


Greenhouse gases:  Greenhouse gases are present in the atmosphere that absorb infrared radiations coming from the sun and prevent them from escaping back into the space, thereby increasing heat in the atmosphere, ultimately leading to global warming.  Water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane are the major greenhouse gases, which generally are released from animal manure.  Gases like nitrogen oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, man made gases are also trapped by the atmosphere.  Excess release of any of these gases may lead to imbalance in the atmosphere as there will be more inflow of heat than the outflow resulting into global warming.


Causes for rise in level of greenhouse gases: The level of greenhouse gases is rising due to boom in  industry and transportation sectors.  These two are the major sources for the release of carbon dioxide as  they are utilizing fossil fuels, which on combustion release carbon dioxide.  However, these  industries are growing as a result of population growth.  With increase in population, the demand of goods and services increases and to meet the demand,  industries are bound to grow.  Use of transportation is directly proportional to our population growth.  Deforestation is also responsible for the increase in level of carbon dioxide.  Trees are our oxygen cylinder.  They consume carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  Cutting down trees in masses such as deforestation may lead to increase in carbon dioxide level.  Chlorofluorocarbons used by humans for various purposes are responsible for release of greenhouse gases.


Impact of greenhouse gases:


Global Warming: The rise in level of greenhouse house gases is pushing us to suffer the impact of global warming.  The rise in atmospheric temperature alters our life in many ways such as

Rise in sea water level:  with the rise in temperature, the polar ice caps may start to melt causing sea water level to rise high, thereby swapping out many coastal cities.

Lack of food crop:  The high temperature may effect the cultivation near equator belt due to heat and scarcity of rain.


Other than global warming, these greenhouse gases have sever impact on our environment like acidification of water bodies, pollution caused by smog, ozone layer depletion, human’s health, plants growth and nutrition level.


Acidification of water bodies: Oceans and seas absorb about one-fourth of carbon dioxide released by human’s activity, which later reacts with water to form carbonic acid, thus resulting the increase of acid content in water.  Since the conception of industrial revolution, the increased level of carbon dioxide has made oceans and seas 30% more acidic.


Alter in plants growth and their nutrients:  Carbon dioxide is essential for plant growth.  With the rise in their percentage, there is stimulation in plant growth. However, plants also need other nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus so without rise in those nutrients may lead to depletion in nutritional value of the plants.


Depletion of ozone layer: Chlorofluorocarbons released in the atmosphere by our human activities are responsible for the depletion of ozone layer, thereby causing various diseases in living beings.


Smog pollution: Methane and nitrogen oxide released by human activities are increasing in atmospheric concentration resulting in smog, which is dangerous both for flora and fauna.


Greenhouse gases in appropriate amount aid in balancing a moderate temperature of our earth’s atmosphere.  Human’s selfish moves are hampering this natural stability, thereby causing sever impacts on living beings and plants.  We should come together to take an oath to affirm that not to involve in any activity that is directly or indirectly impacting the equilibrium of these greenhouse gases.










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