Is homework good or bad for students?

Are you all familiar with the word, “homework”? It is actually almost impossible to get a negative answer to this question. If you have ever been to a school in your life, you would definitely have come across this word. You all would have struggled with a lot of homework at least at some point in your lives.

Some people support the system of homework while some do not. Do you think homework is good for children? Below mentioned are some of the positive and negative effects of homework on children.

is homework good or bad essay

Good Effects of Homework

  • Homework is, in fact, a repetition of whatever is taught in school. Though some children complete this work during the free sessions in school, some of them take it to their homes. No matter where they complete their work, homework helps them to understand the lessons better.
  • Many studies show that the children who do their homework regularly achieve better grades compared to the other students. The homework assigned to them helps to improve their effectiveness.
  • Homework is not only about studying the subject. It is also about imparting the quality of responsibility in children. When a student does his homework on time, a teacher gets to know the level of responsibility in him/her. Though some parents find time to check the homework, it may not be possible for all. Thus, it becomes the sole responsibility of the children to complete their works on time.
  • Some parents always try to help their children complete their homework. This will help them to understand what is being taught at school. It also gives them an idea of the attentiveness of their children in class. Through homework, they will be able to help their children understand the complex problems and can easily clarify their doubts. This will also help to form a stronger bond between the parents and children.
  • When a child does his/her homework on time, it means that he/she is interested to learn and achieve better grades. These works will help him/her to develop a regular pattern of studying.
  • When a child does his homework he will understand the lesson taught in class better. If not, he can also consult his tutor and clarify all the doubts on time. This will create a better relationship between the teacher and the students.

Negative Effects of Homework

  • There are some schools which believe in giving a lot of homework for the students. Doing large amounts of work at home every day will impart more stress in students. This will eventually affect the mental and physical health of children.
  • Along with studies, leisure is also equally important. Huge amounts of homework will deprive them of their time to play with their friends. For a healthy body and mind, it is necessary for the children to have a few hours to relax and play with their friends.
  • Spending the whole night in doing homework might weaken the relationship between the parents and children. They will not get any time to interact with their parents or to narrate whatever has happened in their school/class. Also, parents will not be able to understand if their child is going through any problems or is happy in school.
  • Giving too much homework to children is not a good thing. Children will eventually get tired of investing their time in completing the works. This will also encourage them to do cheating by copying the works of the fellow students.
  • Homework can also be the reason for the conflict between the parents and children. Some children become too stubborn after a point of time and refrain from completing their tasks on time. Thus, because of these conflicts, children will also lose the interest to learn new things.
  • There are also some families in which the parents complete the homework of their children to avoid any conflict at school/home. Completing homework in such a manner will not be beneficial to the children. It will be futile to give homework to such students.
  • Homework may prevent the children from knowing what is happening in and around them. They will be unaware of even the issues or celebrations happening within their families. This is not good for building a healthy family relationship.

From the aforementioned positive and negative impacts of homework, it is clear that giving homework in correct proportion will be good for children. Overloading the students with huge amounts of work will only harm their mental and physical health.

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