Essay on honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy is a famous proverb that everyone has been listening and reading since childhood. It refers to a quality that a person achieves by being honest, truthful and sincere. Every parent teaches their child to be honest and speak the truth. To lead towards a successful life, being honest with everyone and to ourselves is very important. An honest person develops faithful relations very quickly as compared to others. Other than speaking truth, honesty means caring for and respecting the feeling of people in our lives. When a friend asks us if his/her project is fine, we must tell the truth. Because, in case, if the project has some glitches and we tell our friend the truth, then only he/she will be able to work more on the task and will be able to achieve success. So, an honest person not only helps himself on the ladder of success but also his friends and colleagues.

honesty is the best policy essay

Honesty engenders internal peace and ignorance towards materialistic things in the world. It develops simplicity in the life and makes an individual a family-person and likable. An individual lives in one world where there is no place for lies and immoral character. By being immoral and a liar, a person begins to live in two worlds, a real and a false one, which leads to a stressful and depressive life. A person lives a healthy life if he is honest in all aspects of his life including personal and professional life.

Advantages of being honest

  • An honest person makes true friends as, with time, people starts to know the real self of a person and wants to develop a friendship with a truthful person.
  • No individual dislikes honesty. Thus, honesty helps a person develop loyal relations with everyone.
  • Honesty grants a person trustworthiness and respect from everyone in his/her life.
  • Honesty makes a person strong and confident and helps him handle the stressful situations.
  • Honesty increases willpower of an individual and keeps him optimistic about all the situations and circumstances in his life.
  • An honest person lives a healthy life, as his positive attitude keeps every kind of sickness away from him.
  • The common health issues such as fatigue, frustration, depression and other mental issues stay far from such a person.
  • An honest person is courageous and faces all the difficult situations in life with high-head.
  • The most wanted things in life by everyone such as wealth and power becomes meaningless to an honest person, who is happy in living a simple life and possessing only needful things.

The quality of honesty makes the life of a person complete. A person has no regret or guilt for the decisions that he took in his lifetime. Whereas a dishonest person is immoral and corrupt and lives a false life created by his own illusions and materialistic things. Such a person is always unhappy because no particular thing in this world can fulfill his bucket of needs and he keeps on performing wrongful actions which degrade his physical as well as mental health. In society, there is no value of such a person and everyone disrespect him and in the family, his relations with the members and relatives remain disintegrated.

In short run, dishonesty might succeed. For example, we see students in examination halls cheat and pass with good grades. With time such students stop hard work and start relying on the cheating. When they grow up, either they fail in getting successful jobs or they get involved in the bad company and start performing illegal activities. Thus, in long run, dishonesty has no place in this world. Whereas honesty might make a person feel sad for a short period but in long term, honesty itself is the means to achieve success in life. By being honest in all the circumstances, a person realizes that speaking truth does not make the situation worse as expected. This, in turn, makes a person confident about himself.

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Also, no wealth in this world can bring mental peace and healthy body. Only moral living and good conduct can keep a person happy in all the circumstances. And happiness is one thing that can’t be achieved even by giving up all the luxuries of life. Thus, to lead a truthful life and being honest with everyone and yourself is very important because in the long-run, only good deeds and real relations matter.

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