Essay on the impact of junk food

Junk Food & Its Health Effects

In our fast-paced world, will there be anyone who has not had any junk food in his/her entire life? I don’t think so. There was a time when we all preferred to have healthy home-made foods. But now, people do not have the time and patience to cook a healthy meal. We all consume junk foods at least once in two days.

The different types of junk food include pizzas, fried fast food, carbonated beverages, sweet desserts, hamburger, etc. Do you know why do we categorize these foods as junk foods? It is because they contain very high calories from fats and carbohydrates with a very little amount of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

impact of junk food

Though the scrumptiousness of these foods surpasses all the other food items, they do not have any health benefits to boast about. On the contrary, these junk foods can cause a lot of diseases in us. No exercise can reverse the harm caused by these junk foods. Let us see the impacts these food items have on our health.

  • Obesity – One of the most common problems of junk food consumption is obesity. Obese people will also be more susceptible to many medical problems like diabetes, heart problems, etc.
  • Diabetes – The high sugar and carbohydrate content present in the junk foods increase the level of glucose in your body. Excess consumption of these foods will make your body insulin resistant and hence, lead to type 2 diabetes.
  • Depression – The high content of fats and carbohydrates might also affect the functions of the brain. This increases the chances of depression and hopelessness in people.
  • Loss of Memory – Consumption of high-calorie food items can hamper the functions of the synapses in the brain, which are responsible for the learning and memory. The toxic foods also create inflammation in certain areas of the brain, which are responsible for memory and recognition. Thus, over-consumption of junk foods can gradually deteriorate your memory.
  • Affects the Fertility – The junk foods contain chemicals such as Phthalates. Increased levels of these types of chemicals can cause reproductive problems. They are also responsible for the different birth defects in the babies.
  • High Blood Pressure – The junk foods are rich in sodium. This will cause high blood pressure in people. The high blood pressure will also lead to heart problems and stroke.
  • Nutritional Deficiency – Majority of youngsters across the world depend on the junk foods. As the nutritional content is very low in these food items, it will affect the overall growth and development of the teenagers. This also makes them nutritional deficient.
  • Dental Problems – The junk foods and aerated drinks are rich in sugar content. Excessive intake of these items leads to various dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. The acids present in the foods destroy the tooth enamel, which leads to cavities.
  • Skin Diseases – People who consume the junk foods on a regular basis are seen to have many skin problems like acne, eczema, etc.
  • Bone Loss – Increased intake of junk foods will make people obese. The obese people will always be at a risk of falling and breaking the bones.
  • Respiratory Problems – The excess pounds gained by our body exert pressure on our heart and lungs. Thus, it becomes difficult for us to walk even a short distance. Obese people tend to develop many respiratory problems like asthma and shortness of breath.
  • Fatigue – Junk foods deprive you of a good night’s sleep and make you feel drowsy in the morning. Thus, it increases fatigue and reduces the level of concentration of people.
  • Boosts Cravings – The high amount of sugar intake increases your cravings and leads to over-eating. This will result in obesity.

Today, many countries across the world are trying to spread awareness on the negative effects of the junk food. In spite of these awareness programs, the majority of the people prefer to eat out rather than cooking at home. The number of fast-food chains is also increasing day-by-day in almost every country.

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When we encourage the youngsters to munch on these junk food items, we are in fact, impeding their overall development. The side effects caused by these types of foods are so high that no medicine or exercise can help to contradict them. These foods also deteriorate our brain functions gradually. Even though they are very mouth-watering, it is also necessary to assess the nutritional value of these foods. To have a healthy generation it is crucial to have a healthy diet.

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