Essay on the impact of advertisement

Advertisements are the great ways to promote a product or an entire organization. Advertisements are essential to for a company to survive in the competitive markets. The reputation and identity of an organization lie in these ads. But is that all they are promoting? The answer is no. Along with their product, they are also promoting false hopes and dangerous stunts. The ad maker does not think about the consequences of an ad on the society. They focus only on how to bring their product into the limelight.

Different types of advertisements create a different impact on the people, especially children. Each and every image gets etched into the minds of the people, which may not be always good. Hence, it is essential to understand the impact of advertisements on our society.

essay on impact of ads

Positive Impacts of Advertisements

The below-mentioned points are some of the positive impacts of advertisements.

Boosts the Sales – One of the best methods to boost the sale of an organization is via advertisements. With a positive approach and the right kind of ads, an organization will be able to improve the reputation and enhance the growth of the company.

Economic Impact – Advertisements help to elevate both the sale of the organizations and also the economic growth of the country.

Better Communication with the Customers – Advertisement help to communicate with the customer better. You can convey all the features of your product and its benefit to them through the ads. The customers can also understand you better via the ads.

Social Benefits – Advertisements help not only in the sales of a product but also in uplifting the confidence of an entire society. Ads can make people who are suppressed by the government or the rulers, realize the importance of freedom of speech. This will give them the courage to fight for their rights.

Comparative Advertising – Comparative advertisements prevent an ad maker from stretching the truth about the authenticity of the product beyond the limits because of the competitors. If a company finds the ad of its rival company far from the truth, they can easily contradict them with a better advertisement.

Unites the Different Cultures – Advertisements reach millions of people across the globe irrespective of their cultures. Thus, it helps to create a common platform to unite the different cultures and races.

Negative Impacts of Advertisements

There are many negative impacts of advertisement on our society. Some of them are listed below:

  • Unwanted Expectations – Advertisements only show the positive impacts of a product. When a person watches an ad of a drug or a cosmetic, he/she expects it to be devoid of any kind of side-effects. But, once they start using these products, they will have to endure different types of problems like asthma, headache, etc.
  • False Impressions – Advertisements sometimes create a negative impression on people. For instance, when they show people who boast about their shape and fair complexion, it causes an inferiority complex in many over-weight and dark-complexioned people. Those types of ads will only help to alleviate their morale.
  • Bad Impact on Children – Today there are many advertisements with dangerous stunts performed by the professionals. Also, some of the ads show as if an energy drink can enable them to do these precarious stunts. This creates a negative impact on the kids. They believe the ads easily and try to do these activities which may cause many casualties. They also will get attracted to certain products, which in reality may not good for them.
  • Promotion of the Harmful Products – Through the advertisements, many companies promote the products which are not considered to be good for the society such as alcohol, cigarettes, etc. This will mislead the younger generation of the country.

Though the advertisements have both positive and negative impacts on a society, they play a very important role in shaping the economy of a country. Also, not all the advertisements are a threat to the society. There also ads which promote their products and services with the least exaggerations. Moreover, the entire mass media communication has become possible with the help of advertisements.

If the ad makers properly analyze the consequences of their ads and take the necessary steps to prevent them, the advertisements can be an effective method of communication between the marketer and the customer. It is also impossible for all the organizations to survive in the competitive market without promoting their products and services on time. Positive and inspiring ads can also help the youngsters to develop an optimistic approach towards the life.

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