Impact of Corruption on our Society

Corruption is one of the major challenges faced by almost all the countries around the world. It is like a virus, which, if not eliminated, has the power to destroy an entire nation. The degree of impact of corruption on the lives of people and the society depends on how far this scourge has spread across a nation. People in almost all the sectors of the economy are corrupted today.

One of the major reasons for corruption is our negligence towards this social issue. We have come to terms with the practice of corruption and are ready to give bribes to get our works done. This has encouraged the corrupted officials to demand more and more bribes in return for their services. Hence, by supporting them we also become a part of this corruption.

impact of corruption

Do you know how the corruption affects an economy or a society? Are you aware of the fact that corruption can result in the downfall of a nation? It is time to realize the impact this practice has on a society.

  • Lack of Justice – One of the major effects of corruption is the lack of justice. By bribing the police officials and the judiciary, a criminal can easily prove himself as innocent in the court of law. Through this practice, the innocent and poor people are denied justice.
  • Unemployment – People with more financial status who can give more bribe are chosen over a qualified and skilled candidate. This gives the opportunity for the undeserving candidates to join an organization, leaving behind the deserving ones. This creates more unemployment in the society.
  • Lack of quality – As corruption is visible in almost all the sectors, attaining quality products and services has become an impossible task. When undeserving and wealthy people become the supreme authorities of an organization, it affects the quality of the services offered by them.
  • Poor health – Corruption will deteriorate the health and hygiene of the entire society. Lack of proper sanitation, roads, drinking water, etc., will hamper the growth of a society.
  • Pollution – Majority of the pollutions happening in this world are due to corruption. The authorities give sanction to the factories without thinking about their impact on our environment. The smoke from the vehicles and the factories are often ignored by the authorities because of the high bribes offered to them. This has increased the amount of pollution in the air, water, and land.
  • Lack of respect for the leaders or rulers – We elect our Presidents and Prime Ministers with the expectation that they will work for the betterment of our nation and the society. When these leaders perform corruption, people lose the respect of all the leaders. This creates a negativity in the society.
  • Distrust towards the officials – Because of increased corruption, people tend to generalize their opinion about the officials. Thus a distrust and disregard are formed towards all the officials irrespective of whether they are corrupted or not.
  • Discouragement to the hard working society – People who are hardworking and qualified will experience discouragement due to corruption. They would even show aversion to applying for the various jobs because of the widespread corruption in the job markets.
  • Lack of funding for authentic research – Every research needs funding from the government to move ahead. Some of the researchers get denied the funds just because they are not willing to pay bribes to the authorities. Hence, a research which with proper funding could have helped in the economic growth of the country gets impeded. This will hinder the development of our economy.
  • Accidents – Some of the accidents and deaths occurring in our country are also due to corruption. Driving licenses are given to people without any proper test by the corrupted officials. Some of the doctors also have the license to treat the patients even though they do not have any knowledge about the medicine or the condition of the patient. This is a very dangerous situation as it can even cause the life of a person.
  • Lack of development – With no proper transportation, sanitation, etc., there will not occur any further industrial or technological development. This will affect the overall growth of the society and also the economy.

Corruption, hence, is an evil practice which has to be uprooted from all the countries across the globe. It is one of the major factors that delay the growth of an economy. Only a corruption free nation can provide us with a better and healthy society.

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