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“It’s hard to pay attention these days because of multiple affects of the information technology nowadays. You tend to develop a faster, speedier mind, but I don’t think it’s necessarily broader or smarter.” – Robert Redford

Information technology, or IT, according to the dictionary, refers to the study or use of telecommunication and computer systems to store, retrieve and send information.  People always connect information technology with computers, but it covers televisions, telephones, etc as well.

free essay on Information Technology

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The development of the IT sector can be distinguished into four distinct phases:

  • Pre- mechanical (3000 BC-1450 AD)
  • Mechanical (1450-1840)
  • Electromechanical (1840-1940)
  • Electronic (1940-present)

One can trace back the manipulation and storage of data to 3000 BC when the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed “writing”. The term “IT” in itself is modern, but the sense of it was there since the 3000 BC.

However, the present era is rightly the age of information technology. The speed with which this sector is growing is magnificent. Heights unfathomable a few decades ago are now being reached. You can order pizza by clicking a few buttons in the luxury of your own apartment, can book railway tickets in minutes, can call your friend who is miles away and have face to face chat via Skype! The world has become a smaller place, courtesy the developments in the information technology sector. The advancements in the information gathering system called the “information superhighway” has been beneficial for mankind.

The improvement of standards isn’t visible just on luxury but also on necessities. Natural calamities have become hundred times more manageable as transportation and communication has become easier. Space travel, medical surgeries, defense capabilities, etc have improved remarkable over the years. Distant education programs have made it easier for remote parts of the world to get education. Literacy has been on the rise ever since computers and internet have hit the market. Tackling heavy files have now reduced to simple clicks and reading unintelligible books to search for information has changed to “surfing” the net. Life has become easier. As Steve Ballmer puts it, “The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

Due to information technology, a lot has changed over the years – even the way we trade. Selling out stuff was never easier. Posting advertisements on the internet ensures enough publicity and accessibility of your products all over the world. One can ever find jobs on the net.

Entertainment has also reached a new level. With video games and movies, the way people spend their free time has changed – though one cannot be sure if it’s in the positive way or the negative.

A lot of things have changed for the better since the IT revolution but all this came at the expense of the environment. How much ever we may refuse, all the developments we are making are against the laws of nature. Nature is showing its discomfort in ways more than one. The melting of ice caps, rise in sea level, extreme climatic changes are all signs that something drastic is in store for us – and this has a lot to do with “information technology”.

The true sense of the word “IT” would be lost without computers and other gadgets. By producing these electronic devices, we producing non disposable toxic wastes. Metals as heavy as lead and mercury are involved in the production of electronic gadgets that are carcinogenic in heavy doses.

These gadgets are making the human race a lazy one. With all the comforts of life a click away, people are becoming more and more dependent on all sorts of technology. The day when robots shall rule us isn’t far away. Sticking to the “information” part of this high tech era, we must note that all our data is now at the mercy of computers. One massive power outage, one huge calamity to strike the world of technology and we’d fall back a thousand steps in development. And to avoid such a situation, we must be adept in handling things with and without the aid of technology.

Just like an overdose of medicines can turn them to poison, an uncontrolled use of technology and its wonders can turn our world upside down. Information Technology has its bright as well as dull sides, the side we want exposed lies in our hands.

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