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United Nation proclaimed International yoga day in their General Assembly on December 11, 2014.  June 21, was declared as international yoga day to be commemorated every year.  Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual convention sprung around six thousands years ago in India.  The principal objective of yoga was to coalesce mind and body for amelioration of life.

Denotation of the term Yoga: The life changing word Yoga literally means fusion.  The word connotes the experience of being merge into one.  It’s a paramount route to relish life with healthy mind and physical athleticism.  Yoga helps us perceive the strength lying within our self both in terms of physical and mental.

free essay on International Yoga Day

There is misconception about yoga being related to Hindu religion, yoga is not a religion but a method of living that being practiced for a healthy life.  Human body is inclusion of physical, mental and spiritual state and yoga aids in promoting a balance development and coordination among the three.  It is a significant means to integrate physical and mental well being together.  At physical state, the practice includes many yoga postures that helps in maintaining a healthy body.  At mental level, Pranayama and meditation bring stability and peace in mind.  Yoga is a priceless reward of India’s archaic heritage maintaining tranquility between human and nature.


United Nation Acknowledgment: General Assembly of United Nations acknowledged the yoga practices and to encourage this among the masses, declare June 21, as International Yoga Day to be celebrated throughout the world every year. It’s a global commemoration of yoga among the citizens of various nations through convention, meditation, yoga, discussion, and other way of accomplishment.


Backstory of International yoga day:  Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is the man behind this declaration of International Yoga Day as he was the one who call United Nation General Assembly to declare June 21, as International Yoga Day on September 27, 2014.  His objective was to impart the benefits of yoga to all people throughout the world.  The announcement of International Day of Yoga is the significant for India in history.  UN did this declaration on December 11, 2014, after three months of the call by Narendra Modi, which itself is a record  as this was the first time in history that a proposal initiated by a nation was implemented by UN within 90 days.  The motion is embraced under Global Health and Foreign Policy by the General Assembly to bestow a comprehensive way to the people around the globe for their physical and mental wellness.


Why June 21?  Mr. Narendra Modi recommended June 21, to be International Yoga Day as this is the longest day in the earth’s northern hemisphere and has considerable magnitude for nations throughout the world.


Commemoration of International Yoga Day:  More than 170 countries of the world including USA, Canada, China, and many other celebrate world yoga day showing there support towards this great initiative.  It is celebrated worldwide by coordinating activities such as yoga encampment, Yoga contest, and various activities to increase the awareness about advantages of yoga to masses all over the world.  The motive behind this celebration is to encourage people for regular yoga practice that results into a healthy and balanced life both mentally and physically.


Aims of International Yoga Day:

International yoga day encompasses the following objectives to be fulfilled:

  • To aware people about the benefits of yoga.
  • To bring people in close network of nature.
  • To bring meditation into practice.
  • To diminish the rate of life threatening diseases by this naturopathy.
  • To get people of different communities together at one platform discussing and practicing the same cult.
  • To facilitate nexus between health safety and tenable physical and mental development. To get rid of all the health issues through regular yoga practice.
  • To prevent unhealthy activities and to promote the healthy activities that are boon for healthy life.
  • To build up strong coordination among people throughout world.


Closure:  In this fast moving life filled with so much stress and tension, yoga is the only means to stable our mind and body to cope with the imbalances prevailing globally be it man made or natural.  People sense refreshment and blossoms with energy and interactive mind every single day while practicing yoga.  Yoga bequeath the ability to command body and mind.  To get rid off unhealthy lifestyle incorporate yoga in your life.  Love for yoga automatically takes you on a smooth ride over mental, physical and spiritual path.


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