Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth in India

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As per the records released by the National Crime Records Bureau, around 60% of the crimes committed against minors are committed by the youth of the nation, namely, those in the population within the age group of 15-30. In India, juvenile crime has risen up by 47 percent in the last 6 years, according to a report submitted by the government to the Rajya Sabha. From petty crimes to sexual offences to murder, young persons are being rounded up and tried for every conceivable offence. It is time to sit up and take notice of the root cause of what is no longer an isolated incidence of a disturbed youngster.

Free Essay on increasing crime among youth

In this article, let us discuss how much today’s youth is responsible for the crimes they commit, and how much other external circumstances are to blame.

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As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil. Being out of work is a terrible predicament, and even more so in a country such as India, where the majority of the population struggles to make ends meet and there is barely any government support in place for the unemployed. When a stable job with decent pay is hard to come by, people are often forced to resort to a life of crime. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is hardly anyone more desperate than a man or woman who cannot put food on the family’s plate.


An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, which explains why many young people from affluent families get involved in criminal activities. With ample money coming in and no requirement for an occupation, youngsters might get lured into unlawful activities, thanks to the fact that they are unable to direct their energy and resourcefulness to more constructive areas. Sexual offences are often a result of the depravity that arises from simply having too much time on one’s hands and nothing better to do.

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Sadly, India’s judicial system moves at a snail’s pace, which means that it can be months and even years after the crime occurs before a case is actually brought to court. Moreover, it is not a rare occurrence that youngsters accused of crimes cite influential- usually political- connections to worm their way out of a charge, or at least considerably dilute the magnitude of their crimes. Instances such as these are usually highly publicized in the media, and easily create the wrong impression about the consequences of these crimes on impressionable young minds.


A disturbed childhood harbours the risk of a potential future offender. For instance, a child who grows up in a grossly patriarchal family where women are expressly dominated will most likely be an adult with little respect for womankind. This adult has the potential of being an abusive boyfriend, husband, and/or father, or, in worst case scenario, a sexual predator/offender. In India, where providing food and shelter is the principal concern, many psychological concerns often go unchecked. Besides, there is also the all-encompassing question of rigid values. In many parts of the country, families believe in archaic social structure and gender roles that no longer have relevance in the broader spectrum. These values are instilled in young children, who try to enforce them by force when their beliefs get hurt in the world outside their community.


Today, literally everything is available in the mass market, either in broad daylight or in the black markets, and is sold without much scruple to every willing customer. This is the reason behind the spiraling trend of drug abuse among youngsters, which is going higher and higher each year. Government measures are not strict enough, and law enforcement officials are not always uncorrupted. It is a well-known fact that drugs and other intoxicants tend to suspend normal thought and acidities while the individual is under the influence, which explains the incidences of passion crimes committed while in an intoxicated state. The availability of firearms is also a contributing factor here. If youngsters are not able to buy one on their own, they can obtain it through an unscrupulous elder or dealer.

The youth of India is, like any other nation, the hope for the future. And it is sad when the youth spirals into a life of crime. Steps to educate the young population must be taken in order to deal with this problem. But what is even more important is to treat the root causes, like unemployment and addiction.  Along with that, it is also equally important to mete out proper justice to those juveniles committing heinous crimes, so that a warning is issued to the rest of the population.

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