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Knowledge is power and an essential aspect of everyone’s life. There is a well-known proverb on the same which says the meaning that knowledge is the most powerful aspect that is powerful than strength. There no great work which cannot be done with help of knowledge.

Free Essay on Knowledge is power

More the knowledge, more powerful is a human being it can empower people for achieving their goals and attaining success. It is applicable in each and every day of life. A doctor without knowledge is hazardous and cannot be a successful doctor in his life. A teacher without knowledge can be useless as they cannot put up with their profession and the same case with a student who cannot pass any examination without knowledge about the subject. A lawyer without proper legal knowledge can be a dangerous person on earth and can ruin many people’s lives.

Importance of Knowledge

Knowledge is a superior and an essential thing if compared to physical strength for gaining success. A society that is lack of knowledge can be considered as an undeveloped place or backward even it has the strongest people on earth. It is a well-known fact that even places that have the strongest people got defeated by nations that has got more knowledge and intelligence. Therefore it can help humans to make use of the different kinds of forces present in nature for the sake of improving humanity and country. Human beings are considered superior to any living organism because we have got the ability to distinguish things with aid of knowledge. Thus humans are considered as the most powerful living beings on earth also because of the ability to apply the same knowledge in various aspects of life.

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Knowledge is powerful and plays a major role in all aspects of life and in doing every activity. It has even helped in developing the culture and civilization in the place we live. Because of the ability to apply knowledge it has led humanity to the path of developing his surroundings to a greater extent. Learning new things can help in upgrading knowledge and the same can be applied to developing the quality of life.

Major Reasons Why Knowledge is Power

  • Knowledge can help in liberation and makes us free of attachments and independent in making our own choices in life. It leads to freedom and does not let other people control a person’s mind.
  • True knowledge can attain respect and demands more respect from others and it is not about control on others. A knowledgeable person is respected more compared to a wealthy person. If a person is knowledgeable he will be in a position to enhance his life and as well as others. Knowledge in particular to any subject can lead to authority and can be useful to others who can respect the decisions made.
  • Knowledge can improve the self-esteem which can give a feeling of confidence and self-fulfilment. Confidence can further lead to take right decisions in a proper way which can make one a successful person. In a crisis, such knowledge can give strength to face any kind of hurdles and enables in finding a solution to the problems. Therefore having own skills and knowledge can enhance confidence and boost self-esteem.
  • Positivity and positive thinking can be attained if one is knowledgeable and would have the power to manage situations in life in an optimistic way. The process of finding and seeking knowledge itself leads to positive approach towards life. It can teach one to be engaged, determined and motivated with respect to the world. It would leave a person joyful and enthusiastic and makes human to love doing new things in life in a positive way.

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When a person is knowledgeable they can act morally in every aspect of life and help others to put the same in practice. Being knowledge would let the person think about others problems and would try to help them in some or the other way. A knowledgeable person would always think of others rather than their own issues.


The proverb knowledge is power is therefore applicable to all human beings and one need to always aim to enhance their knowledge to come up in life. Knowledge thus provides the power to help others and think about the welfare of society we live in. it can enhance self-esteem and confidence and makes other give respect and dignity. This can also imbibe morality and helps in interacting with other individuals in a moral way.

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