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Mobile phones have been one of the most ubiquitously used invention in the world. It is used relentlessly by people of all age group, economic condition, and social status. At present this handheld device is considered to be the most utilitarian and irresistible device on the planet. A life without a mobile phone is absolutely unfathomable for even those who have had recent associations with it. The era of telecommunications started with telephones where people could talk through huge distances through wires. This technology changed the world completely. Then came the advent of the mobile phones where large cellular towers and bandwidth in the air helped telephones get rid of wires. Now there were no boundaries and technical glitches, and mobile phones continued to evolve. Then came smartphone, a device that has become an indispensable unit of everyone’s lifestyle. Mobile applications, Internet usage, and all utilities have been systematically entrenched into normal lifestyles.

Free Essay on Life Without Mobile Phones

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In such circumstances it would be interesting to imagine a life without mobile phones. It would undoubtedly be a relief and convenience to the millions of parents who are terribly annoyed with the excessive usage of phones by their adolescent children. There is no doubt about the fact that mobile phones have become a huge distraction to every human being who uses it. It is as addictive as useful, as disturbing as essential, and this is the reason why people are slowly getting disconnected with their normal lives and getting increasingly penetrated into the colorful world of phones. Ever since social media has captured the social world, there is an all-pervasive addiction to phones, where people can easily connect to their loved ones. This creates a cycle of involvement and indulgence, something which is difficult to come out of easily. This quintessentially has become a menace to parents whose kids are defiant about everything but phones.

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Lives without phone might not be bereft of communication as wired telephones might serve that purpose albeit a little slow. Mobile phones are handy and quick, and needs no necessary infrastructure before it gets used. This simply translates to the point that mobile phones are easy to carry unlike telephones that need to be stuck somewhere. People in far distances and in inaccessible areas, the ones on the run, far away locations such as ships, jungles, or anything close to that can communicate to anyone required if they have mobile phones. Thus, a life without it would honestly mean lack of such quick, urgent, and emergency communication. While it might sound great for any technological detoxification, but it can be dangerous and risky sometimes.

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Journalism, scientific discoveries, technological advancements, breakthrough explorations, educational accessibility, governmental services, and other indispensable tasks have been made easy through the utilization of mobile phones. Therefore, an absence of this perfect device can take things back. It would be interesting to imagine how it was like in the era when such functions were performed without phones. As an instance, at the time of devastating World Wars, communication had become a huge issue both among the Allied and Axis powers. The Enigma machine of the Germans and its encrypted information wreaked havoc on the world. Then Alan Turing with his outstanding capabilities created a crack for its codes, the Turing machine. Such was a world without telephones.

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Mobile phones cannot be called as something without which life would be impossible or come to a standstill, but its speed and efficiency cannot be denied. A life without mobiles might look prehistoric, stagnant, and cumbersome, but excessive indulgence and dependence is also not appreciable.

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