Meaning and essay on Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened

Meaning and essay on Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened quote for school and college students.


This is a quote from Dr. Seuss that has found its way into many minds and hearts. Events occur and most of them cannot be changed or undone. But one should be happy about it. It sounds insane, especially if something ominous has taken place. The quote means that if something good comes to an end, don’t mourn losing it. Be happy that it happened in the first place.

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Focusing On The Moment:


Think of an event, a thing that made you happy and is lost now. Imagine if that thing had never happened. You would have missed all that happiness it had brought. You can either brood that the moment is gone, or the person is gone or you can smile remembering the good times you have had the chance to experience. The lesson is hidden in the cycle of life. Childhood is a beautiful event. Once you grow up, you lose it but do you stay upset over losing the time? No, you live in the moment, fondly looking back at your childhood, smiling at the happy memories it bring. And remember, not everyone is blessed with the happy childhood that you had. So be grateful for what you had. Such is everything else. What has come is bound to go and you must honour them with smile and not tears.


This quote gives strength, to go through the pain, to deal with the situation and finding peace with whatever you have. Never forget the happiness you experienced is not given to everyone. So instead of crying over that it has been taken away from you, you should be thankful that it was ever given to you. Focusing on the happy moment is important as we tend to get on what we focus. Focus on earning more money, you will get more money. Focus on having a chocolate and you might get a craving so bad that you will have to find a way to satisfy it anyways. Similarly, if you focus on being happy and the happy moments you have had, you will be happier. Moreover, it’s never fun being around people who keep brooding and complaining about their losses.


Applying In Real Life:


If you have lost someone, think about them. What did you think first, a good memory or a bad one? If it is the good times that you have spent together that came rushing into your mind, you already have understood what does the quote means. And if it is otherwise, just try to remember the good times you have had with them, one moment at a time, before falling asleep. You will feel the pain of losing them getting bearable slowly and vanishing in time. You will learn to remember them and the happy times you have spent with them without feeling the pain of the loss. No one says it will be easy to apply the said quotation in life but it will be worthwhile in time.

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