Essay on Meditation

Meditation is the process of concentrating one’s mind on a particular object to calm and soothe both the body and mind. This practice followed by a number of religions and cultures. Meditation is recommended even by doctors to reduce the stress and anxiety levels in people.

The facts about meditation and its benefits are clearly mentioned even in some of the religious texts. This practice began during the 5th and 6th century BCE in Buddhist India and Taoist China.

essay on meditation

Later Jewish and Christians also started following the various meditation programs. Though the ideologies behind meditation are different for different religions, their ultimate goal is the same. Regardless of your religion, meditation always helps to reduce stress, pain, depression, anxiety and promotes peace and well-being.

Types of Meditation

  • Focused Meditation – This is a single-point meditation. In this type of meditation, a person concentrates on a particular idea, a mantra, or breath.
  • Open Monitoring Meditation – This type of meditation involves bringing a person’s attention to the various experiences happening in the present moment.

Some people combine both these methods in a single meditation program. Today, many studies are being conducted to assess the benefits of meditation to our health. Some of the prominent merits of meditating are mentioned below.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduces the lack of concentration – One of the major benefits for which people meditate nowadays is to improve their concentration. We live in a highly competitive world. All of us will have to prove our capability by multi-tasking. Without concentration this will not be possible. Mediation will help to get rid of all the distractions and improves our level of concentration.

Promotes Happiness and Peace – Violence is common in today’s world. If you study the various research done, you will see that people who meditate regularly do not get involved in such violence. Meditation will help people get rid of all their negative thoughts. Thus, the positive thoughts created will give them more happiness and such people will be content with their lives. Moreover, people who are happy with their lives will not have any reason to fight with the others.

Slows Aging – One of the most important benefits of meditation is that it controls aging. People who meditate everyday will age comparatively slower than those who do not meditate. Meditation is a process which helps to reduce the excessive stress. When the stress level gets reduced, people will have better health, which means fewer medical conditions. This is one of the reasons due to which people who meditate age very slowly.

Reduces Anxiety – Many studies show that almost all the people have different types of anxiety problems. The common symptoms of anxiety are phobias, panic attacks, obsession, and odd behaviors. Meditation helps to uproot these problems. As per the studies, it is clear that people who undergo regular meditation programs are able to reduce their anxiety issues effectively.

Reduces Depression – The rate of depression is very high in our world today. There is no better way to reduce the depression problems other than with meditation. It fills one’s mind with positive thoughts and makes him/her accept and be content with whatever he/she has. It also provides people the motivation to move ahead in life.

Improves Self Awareness – What better way to know one’s self other than through meditation? You will not be able to improve yourself and succeed in life if you do not have any idea about your thoughts and character. Self-inquiry meditation will help you enhance the self-awareness which is essential to have a happy and healthy life. By knowing yourself better, you will be able to steer all your thoughts and ideas towards a positive direction.

Helps to Get Rid of Addictions – Meditation is the best method to help you overcome all the addictions. It helps you enhance your self-control and also to understand the repercussions caused by these addictions. You will be able to divert your attention to positive and productive areas. Also, people who meditate will have more willpower than the others.

Provides a Good Night’s Sleep – A good night’s sleep is very essential to have a healthy life. Insomnia or lack of sleep is one of the major factors for a number of health issues in people. Meditation helps to improve your sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep will also make you feel more energetic in the mornings.

To be precise, meditation helps people understand the importance of a healthy and happy life. With the help of meditation, people can get rid of the majority of the problems both in their professional and personal lives. Hence, spending at least an hour or two in a day for meditation will definitely bring a change in your life.

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