Essay on Mobile Game and its impact on Kids

Free 690 words essay on mobile game and its impact on kids for school and college students.

Humans have taken a colossal leap in their lifestyle. Once we had sticks and stones, now we utilize codes and algorithms in almost every mundane activity. The biggest beneficiary or adversary has been the young generation who although are quick with comprehending them, but often fall trap to its eccentricities. Research shows how even mobile games have started having an impact on the cognitive and psychological development. 

free essay on Mobile Game and its impact on Kids

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Games are fundamentally addictive, but gamers tend to be proactive, less emotional, and more social. They even tend to perform commendably better at schools. They seldom develop mental health problems and are demonstrate high intellectual capability. Doctors call games as collaborative leisure which makes them socially cohesive because the majority of them play together in a group. Quick hand-eye coordination makes their motor skills more receptive and advanced. The enormous concentration augments their critical judgment and managerial capabilities. Higher levels of engagement are consequential in strengthening their communication prowess. It also develops among them a sense of competition that reflects in their better school performance. Undeniably, games are stress busters and even have therapeutic effects. It helps magnify their personalities, making them more amiable and likable. Some effects of mobile games on the neurological health of a child are intangible, but it genuinely makes them more participative and persuasive. A study at the University of Leicester proves that mobile game apps are significantly affecting the purchasing behavior of children.


Nevertheless, there are innumerable observable negative effects of mobile games in children. Mobile games have been constructed in such a way that it keeps pushing notifications even when it is inactive. This becomes an avoidable yet tempting distraction. Such alerts potentially weaken self-restraint. Frequent participation kills productive time that could have been used otherwise in studies or outdoor games. Children tend to bypass healthy habits like playing outside, which is exponentially healthy. Multiple independent studies have proven that mobile games have become a big reason for deprived and disturbed sleep. Bright lights affect their circadian rhythms. Lack of sleep has another set of problems associated with it such as obesity, low attentiveness, and over-exhaustion. It tends to make them even more sedentary.


Furthermore, not all games come free. This addictive habit push kids into inducing their parents to spend money on these relatively less productive activities.  Playing in groups is undoubtedly great for brain stimulation. However, notably, when kids tend to indulge more in mobile gaming, they become even more introvert. There are chances of them retreating into their own virtual world of gaming, inhibiting their social progress. Children who are shy and unfriendly usually lack confidence. This leads to frustration in future and that can be irreversible. Such social cohesion can only be developed at a young age, as otherwise bad habits become real habits. Certain games have violent or obscene content. Kids definitely don’t have the right know-how for differentiation and this can be emotional fallout for them. Proper and perpetual monitoring can be the only method of avoiding such dire circumstances.


The pros and cons are demonstrably balanced as well as confusing. The focus, thus, should be on maintaining equilibrium between innovative methods of learning in tandem with the technological elevation and traditional side-effects of addiction. Parents must have proper discretion and information over the kind of games their children are playing, effectively bypassing the objectionable ones. Games such as Minecraft, Lego Planets, Super Mario Maker and LittleBigPlanet have been encouraged more. There has to be a stipulated amount of time that a child dedicates into playing that doesn’t compromise his/her schooling or healthy routine. The American Academy of Pediatrics has made recommendations where no screen time is allotted to children below 18 months, a maximum of one hour for a child up to 5 years of age and a maximum permissible limit of 90 minutes thereafter.


Technology has expanded and evolved for profitable purposes and a better future. It is our genuine responsibility to protect our future generation from the aftermath of wrong trends, pushing them towards healthier methods of learning. There has to be absolute transparency and honesty among parents and their children at this age.  The prime objective is to make them versatile for holistic development.

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