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India’s present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most charismatic heads of state across the world. His popularity is unfathomable among his countrymen in India and abroad. He has established a cult-like image as a political leader. The erstwhile UPA government was mired in scams and embezzlement of public funds in lakhs of crores. With the public frustrated with policy paralysis and India’s dismal performance in economic and employment sector, Narendra Modi’s candidature as a leader of the vast nation came as a perfect beam of hope. Besides, his oratory skills and eloquence supplemented with a high-voltage campaigning made the 2014 general elections one of the most exciting ones since decades. His party emerged victorious with a landmark victory and a mandate beyond expectations. 

Free Essay on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi’s started his career in politics as a worker of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the parent organization of Bharatiya Janata Party, and then a sambhag pracharak. He later rose to be a prominent member of BJP and soon took the oath of office as Chief Minister of Gujarat. His political career was marred by a powerful controversy of Gujarat riots, a pogrom followed by the Godhra incident in which a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was burnt. Thousands of Muslims were killed on the streets of Gujarat and the state administration’s mismanagement was thunderously condemned across the world. Nevertheless, Narendra Modi’s resignation wasn’t accepted and he won the second term as the Chief Minister.

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Modi’s political acumen and administrative skills could be extracted from the development projects he carried out in Gujarat. He supported privatization and globalization. He established financial and technology parks, started Vibrant Gujarat Summit to attract domestic and foreign investments, started multiple infrastructure projects, and boosted industrialization to a colossal extent. With massive success at state level, his performance was duly recognized by the BJP high command. With a past record of rapid urbanization and development agenda to transform the nation, Narendra Modi fought the elections and received a thumping majority in the Lok Sabha.

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As soon as he ascended the most powerful political office of world’s largest democracy, his diligence and magnanimous personality brought him political laurels. He called the heads of state of SAARC nations including Pakistan in his swearing-in ceremony as a gesture of extending friendship. Soon after that, he embarked on a highly energetic journey proclaiming the agenda of ‘minimum government and maximum governance.’ He announced a slew of reforms and schemes that engendered his vision of India. The most prominent ones are ‘Make in India‘ to establish India as a manufacturing hub, ‘Swachh Bharat‘ to ensure the nation to be open-defecation free, ‘Digital India‘ to revolutionize technology pan-India, ‘Skill India’ to create a generation of skilled workers and youth with employment potential, and several more. Narendra Modi became the first Prime Minister to reach out to the public in an extremely innovative way through his fortnightly radio address ‘Mann ki Baat’, MyGov app which is an online portal for the public to post their suggestions relating to public policies, and social media handling.

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He made multiple trips abroad in order to strengthen his diplomatic outreach and was received with extraordinary welcome. His visit to the United States was marked with a flabbergasting welcome ceremony at the Madison Square Garden by thousands of people belonging to the Indian diaspora. Similar grandeur and thrill could be seen whichever nation he visited with substantial Indians such as UK, Japan, UAE, Canada, etc. Soon Narendra Modi created a personal rapport with prominent world leaders and impressed the international audience with his wit, popularity, and power at home. Now the entire world started recognizing India’s potential as a global soft power with a Prime Minister free from limitations of the coalition and willpower to get things done. He is seen as a reformer, a person having good-riddance with an old style of politics. His administrative functioning is seen as outcome-oriented, free from corruption or bureaucratic red-tapism, and pro-business.

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In the mid of his Prime Ministerial journey, Narendra Modi who claimed to be a crusader for anti-corruption came with an announcement that sent shockwaves across the world. Demonetization as it was called, banned 86% of legal tender that is, currency notes. What followed was chaos, confusion, and near-breakdown of the banking system. However, he constantly kept seeking people’s faith and patience, which he surprisingly got. A political clout almost never seen before, his government was capable of getting the contentious and much-awaited Goods and Services Tax Bill passed in both houses of Parliament. Although both these disruptions caused major jitters in the Indian economy with the GDP plunging downwards, his popularity refused to dwindle. Indians still have immense trust in his leadership and his capability of bringing change as they desire. His image as an unconventional leader is often challenged by his opponents, however, his integrity and political one-upmanship remain unscathed.

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