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One of the most defiant riposte charged against the most dreaded, gruesome, and savage terrorist organization of the world was when a young Pakistani girl stood on the dais of the United Nations to express her genuine expression of life of integrity. She claimed that “one child, one teacher, one book, and one pen” can change the world. These words are not mere quotes, rather an undaunting statement from a woman who was shot down by Taliban, and who managed to survive that nefarious deed. Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner demonstrated how world’s most extremist organization fears a girl with a book the most, a justification for their attempt to murder an innocent school growing girl. Perhaps her strength to continue education in a war-torn Swat valley was more influential and plausible than their massive violent propaganda and murderous diktats against every woman of their land.

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. Quote

The power of education, women empowerment, non-discrimination, and equality is unfathomable and all-encompassing. In the mindlessness of baseless civil wars, violence over medieval ideologies, shameless imposition of archaic caliphate or laws, and sectarianism-laden administration of certain nations has rattled the lives of children. Generations are destroyed in these deadly games of death, as children are bereft of the enlightenment of education, rather trapped into war-mongering and proxy conflicts between major hypocritical powers. That lack of education, absence of freedom, and deprivations breeds hatred, injustice, and ignorance. Those very children are pushed in as war soldiers, their childhood and innocence buried and burnt forever. Malala’s speech was a terrifying reminder to the world that among the glitzy economic boom and technological explosion lies the gruesome reality of terror and extremism that is devouring and engulfing an entire generation of children.

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Denial of education is the denial of basic rights. Women are the most likely and unfortunate victims of such barbaric discrimination. Young girls are deprived of the benefits of education, employment, and rightful share of life. They are in fact, pushed into sex slavery, household chores, or menial works, which is a slow slide into life of ignominy, rejection, and fear of abandonment. The same gender in developed economies and progressive nations are spearheading their respective countries on the growth trajectory, social justice and economic empowerment. Education was their freedom, education became their liberator, and education will forever remain their agenda and mission for life. Unfortunately, such fate and fortune is impossible and unthinkable to the gullible children of extremist nationalities, whose governments are either proxies of superpowers or self-defeating congregation of nefarious bigots.

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There have been symbols of resistance, fearlessness, revolution, and transformation across the world, displaying the world how education and knowledge, and freedom gave them this enormous zeal to fight the mightiest governments, or establishments. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Matin Luther King, and more proved to the world that their pen was mightier than the slaying swords of their oppressors. They emphasized on education of the younger generation and especially the women whose contribution to the sustenance of life and credibility in metamorphosis is unshakeable.

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There is a fear among the oppressed, persecuted, and subjugated that the indifference of the world will aid in the destruction of their lives. They fear that the international community might not come forward to eradicate the political upheaval and restoration of societies. They dream of going to school, playing with their peers, getting employed and pulling their nation out of the scourge of war, tyranny, and devastation. No force on earth can be more powerful than that of speech and literature. Books are influential enough to arouse the world to unite against the savagery and brutality. Books are galvanizing enough that even the most hopeless and helpless sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Books are provoking enough that men with gun and deadly bombs get agitated and fearful enough to crush the non-combatants. Even the deadly extremists, heartless dictators, and primitive establishments are aware of the fact that books, pen, a child, and teaching arrangements can cast a death knell to their ideology, propaganda and suppression.

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Millions of children are out of school today, few millions have no permanent educational infrastructure available, and few millions have to drop-out owing to the ravages of war, displacement, and misery. Only if these millions are enrolled into schools, given adequate nutrition, freedom of speech, encouragement and support, the world would transform in a few years. They would engender liberal thoughts, high moral values, productive temperament, and non-violent resolve. Such transformation would end the miseries of war, sectarianism, despondence of the refugees, and governance of the world. This is how the world would change and this is how no more girls will be shot in their head for carrying a book and a pen.

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