Essay on positive and negative impact of information technology

Free 543 words essay on Positive and Negative impact of information technology for school and college students.

Information technology is a computer-driven science that collects, manage, and process the information as per customers’ needs and requirements. Information Technology involves both the hardware and the software configurations.

Any major change brings about certain advantages and disadvantages and the same is the case with Information Technology.

Essay on positive and negative impact of information technology

Let us look at some of the advantages first:

  • Improves Speed and Accuracy of any business

The Introduction of Information Technology in business improves speed and accuracy of the work done by the individuals. There are software programs like Microsoft Word, Processors, Paint, etc that reduces human efforts and increases work speed without any hassle.

  • Globalization

Information Technology has made globalization possible. With the advent of science and IT, it is easier for the business owners, to sell their product and services in the market. With the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, chances of marketing any products or services has considerably increased to an International level.

  • Of Course, How can we forget Entertainment?

Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Laptops, iPad or iPhone like Electronic gadgets are all parts of entertainment. Listen to quality audio, watch HD videos, and organize your smartphone at just a flick of a button.

  • Improved Communication

Information technology has impacted communication Industry positively. Electronics and Communication field have gone far beyond the level of what we call real communication. Technologies like VoIP,Voice over IP gives the user an ultimate experience of living in a world of IT.

  • Positive Impact on the Economy of the country

With the advancements in communication, globalization; Economies of the countries has been impacted by the rise of IT sector. E-commerce sites have brought sellers to your home. Now one can sit and do shopping for hours without actually moving out of the home.

  • Impact on Education

Education is not just limited to those CBSE books now. This sector has gone beyond your level of imaginations. Smart classes are a new trend that most of the schools are following to make education easy for kids.

  • Health Industry

Health care Industry has improved a lot. The Introduction of IT in the health care sector improves the overall performance of the hospital.

Negative Impact of Information Technology

  • IT is an addiction

Some people are so dependent on the Internet, Mobiles, Laptops, etc like things that they can’t think of surviving a single day without these gadgets. IT sector has made people addicted to it.

  • Communication loss

People have become busier and they find the least time to interact even with their family members.

  • Job reduction

With the advent of this IT culture, human power is getting replaced by the machines so, a great loss to people who were surviving through their jobs only.

  • Health loss

IT sector has given people more of office jobs so they tend to spend most of their time sitting on a chair. This invitees laziness and make people more prone to diseases.

Wrapping up

We can clearly see that IT sector has greatly influenced one or the other aspect of life. Its positive impact can’t be ignored. However, one can still ignore its disadvantages for the betterment of the individual, society, and for the nation.

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