Essay on Positive and negative impact of technology in classroom

500 Words Essay on Positive and negative impact of technology in classroom.

Essay on Positive and negative impact of technology in classroom

The advancement of science and technology is taking place since the beginning of human life. From computers to laptops to supercomputers, technology is no resting for a single days’ time. Now the Impact of technology can also be seen in the classroom as well. But the question is, whether this impact is positive or negative?

In short, we would say both. Let us have a look:

Positive Impact of Technology in Classroom

1.     The Introduction of Smart classes.Smart class is an e-learning program where teachers present lectures in a very impressive and easy to understand way.This is an effective learning tool, especially for elementary schools students.

2.     Technology has given resources for searching and learning new things. Education has become fun now-a-days and all thanks to the advancements in technology.The Internet world full of useful information, mobile apps, and much more, all are a part of technology.

3.     Saves time. Technology has greatly helped students save their time and money which is otherwise spent in hunting latest technologies. There are devices like a printer that allow children to take prints and create wonderful projects as a part of their classroom activity.

4.     Given a new era of the digital world.You or your children won’t like to go back to those olden blackboards days where teachers used to write with dusty chalk that spread chalk all over the classroom.  Technology has given children a completely new era that has made things easier for the students now.

Negative Impact of Technology in Classroom

1.     Technology distracts students.There are devices like smartphone, laptops, etc that distracts children from studies. For example, if your children love to watch Doraemon, he or she won’t prefer to go to tuitions or schools at the time. Even if, you forcibly send them, they will study half-heartedly and come back to watch their favorite program again.

2.     Disconnects children from society.This is a fact and happens many times. But parents can control it by keeping a check over their kids. Now most parents are skeptical of technology and consider it a kind of evil for the students who stop communicating with their biologically or socially connected relations.

3.      Makes a children cheater. Many cases of cheating and fraud have been registered.  All credit goes to the latest technology that teaches children on using techniques to cheat or fool teachers in one or the other way.

4.      It is a labor intensive job for the beginners. Yes, you heard it right. If you are a startup, you may find it difficult to prepare lessons or smart classes. You need to spend some time to first analyze what is going in the online world.

It is always a good idea to integrate technology in any system but considering both the positive and the negative aspects is also important of any new invention. Here, we saw positive impact is worth considering and negative impact can be ignored at the cost of it.

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