Essay on positive impact of technology in our life

Free 520 words Essay on Positive impact of technology in our life for school and college students.

Technology is a kind of blessing that has reduced human efforts and really made their life easier. Although it has left many positive impacts in our life but its negative effects can’t be ignored too. In this essay, we’ll focus only on the positive impacts that technology has left and is continuing to leave on us.

Essay on Positive impact of technology in our life

Technology no doubt has opened unthinkable doors to success. Let us look at some of the important areas where it has really played a significant role:

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  1. Communication

Communication Industry has really changed at a very faster rate. Traditionally, letters were written to convey any message from one station to another. Telegrams were sent to post any urgent message, but in today’s time with the advent of technology, telephones, mobile, smartphones like devices have been introduced that allow the sender to send any message in less than a seconds time. You can now video chat with your friends or relative living abroad.  Connect socially by joining online communities, and do much more things that were beyond imaginations in earlier times.


  1. Business World

If we talk of one of the important sectors that have been benefited by the integration of technology, over a period of time then that sector is none other than the Business sector.

Handling financial section of the business in earlier times was just a mind-boggling task but now technology has changed everything to the online mode and the user or we say the business owner and the money receiver can initiate transaction without any worries.


If you are a business startup and want to learn some lessons for the experienced entrepreneurs, then it is quite difficult rather we should say impossible to contact such people personally but technologies like their website allow you learn from their experiences.

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  1. Effect of Technology on Education

It has been proved that students who are well-connected with the technology have better chances of development than the ones deprived of it. The Internet is a place where one can find information about any topic, industry, or anything else that you think can help you in your studies. Technology allows you to get the study material from the Internet so you can find multiple answers to a single question without any hassle.


  1. Heath care Industry

How can we forget healthcare Industry when we talk about positive impacts of technology in our lives? The way hospitals treat us, cure us, and looks after us, are all related to the latest technology. Latest machines like X-ray Machine, CT Scans, laser machines, etc are all part of latest technology.

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  1. Automobile industry.

Traditionally, animals were used for transportation but now-a-days, buses, trains, trucks, and even more automobile vehicles are used to move from place A to place B.


The list of areas impacted by the Technology is very wide and it is really a challenging task to pen down all of them in details. We have still tried to compile some of the common impacts that we observe around us in our day to day life. Hope you find this information useful.

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