Essay on Positive and Negative effects of plastic

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Plastic is an indispensable part of everyday human life. We are surrounded by plastic all around us. Right from the kitchen containers to home carpet to shoe soles, this wonderful material is everywhere to be seen. Made up of hydrocarbons found in oil and natural gas, plastics are formed when many monomers are bonded together to form polymers. These polymers are then used to make various types of plastic- soft and hard, delicate and durable. However, there are both positive and negative effects of plastic on our lives. Some of them are discussed here:

Essay on Positive and Negative effects of plastic

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Positive effects of plastic:

  • Inexpensive and sterile: Plastic is highly useful, cheap material and due to its sterile nature it prevents contamination which makes it very highly effective for medical purposes and other daily uses like storing water, keeping food fresh etc.
  • Usability & Versatility: Plastic is light, easy to use material which makes it quite effective for kitchen purposes. They give a fine alternative to glassware and ceramic kitchenware. They are also children friendly multi- purpose utility for everyday use. Due to its versatile nature, plastic contributes to our transportation, safety, security, shelter, entertainment in various forms.
  • Packaging & Storage: Owing to its durability, plastic is widely used for storage purposes in various industries and in everyday home life. Also, due to its durability, it is easy for shipping purposes. The success of plastics has been substantial since origin; they have proved versatile for use in various types and forms. They have various unique properties like being light and chemical resistant; can be used to a certain degree of temperature, making them useful for many different industries.

Negatives effects of plastic:

  • Harmful effects on health: Plastic contains harmful chemicals, which gets released into the environment posing health risks and environmental risks at large. Chlorinated plastic releases harmful chemicals into the soil, making their way to water sources and affecting ecosystem negatively.
  • Non-disposable: Due to its non-disposable and non-biodegradable nature, plastic takes thousands of years to dispose of completely of soil. This leads to many harmful effects on the environment like floods (due to blockage), the death of animals and birds by eating the plastic which contains harmful chemicals.
  • Pollution: Making of plastics by industries release a large amount of carbon mono-oxide which is very harmful to humans and animals by creating a lot of pollution. Also plastic is not temperature resistant. It releases dangerous gasses when put on high temperature, making a large amount of pollution and putting everyone to health hazards.
  • Toxins: Many plastics contain toxins like phthalates, BPA and flame retardants. And as plastic breaks down very slowly, it can absorb many dangerous toxins more easily, such as harmful pesticides like DDT, PCB, and PAH.

Usage of plastic has increased exponentially in recent times. Plastic is being used in almost everything. Although it does make life easier to a certain extent, at the same time, it is leading us to silent, long-term hazardous ecosystem .The need is to strictly limit the usage to essentials and not making it a way of life.

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    Once I was doing a clean up of an area and I told the person.. about how plastic pollution is effecting the planet….. and told him please do not to throw plastics in the stream…. with nice clean water…he was eating chips…he took the empty chips packet and then and there threw it in the stream…. right in front of me….in an act of utter indifference to the ecological health of the planet…..

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