Essay on positive and negative effects of WhatsApp

Free 500 words essay on positive and negative effects of WhatsApp for school and college students.

Everyone is well aware of WhatsApp. This messaging and calling app has taken the world with a whirlwind. From the ease of creating an account to making a video call, it has everyone moving around it in a short while. A Ukrainian American internet inventor, Jan Kuom, created this end to end encrypted cross platform messaging app. With the use of internet, you can send the messages, pictures, audios and videos. You can also voice call and video call with the help of internet. This wonderful app was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 in USD 19 billion. WhatsApp has both positive and negative impacts.

Free Essay on effects of WhatsApp

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Positive Effects of WhatsApp


  • Reduces Expenses: Unlike SMS that are charged, WhatsApp messaging is free. You can also make national, roaming and international voice and video calls on any WhatsApp number for free using the internet. You can also find the internet packages through various mobile service providers offering to invoke WhatsApp application.


  • Advertisement Free: Annoying pop up advertisements is all over the internet and social networking sites. However, WhatsApp have offered a welcoming change by making it free of advertisements, creating great user experience.


  • Smooth Working: The app is loaded with many features. It is very easy to install and automatically imports your phone contacts helping you connect to other WhatsApp users from your list easily. You can do so much; share so many different things over the platform.


  • Facilitates Connectivity: You can also create a chat group and share creative ideas, event and work related information and study materials over the app. The business person and their customers can also easily stay connected with WhatsApp.


Along with these plus points, the application also has some negative effects.

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Negative Effects of WhatsApp


  • No Cross Compatibility: It’s a restrictive platform, meaning you can only connect to those people who have the same application installed in their Smartphone. Also, you can’t use WhatsApp without the internet connection. And you cannot transfer the data to your phone inbox. Once the chat is lost, you can’t retrieve it.


  • Addictive: It is not unknown that WhatsApp has caused many addictions and distractions. Unconsciously or consciously you keep checking your phone for the WhatsApp messages, hence losing the concentration over the job at hand. It has also known to give sleepless nights to teens as they keep talking to their friends and sweethearts through the night causing immense fatigue and then illness.


  • Disconnection from The Real World: You become so lost in the virtual world of WhatsApp messaging that you often tend to lose connection with the real world. You talk to the person on the other side of the application but not to the one sitting with you.


In a nutshell, WhatsApp messenger is the best internet messaging app that you can have. You have access to the unlimited messaging, voice calls and video calls as well. Nowadays, almost everyone carries a Smartphone with WhatsApp and if you can avoid the addictiveness and still stay connected to the real world, you have a gem of instant messaging platform in your hand.


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