Essay on Positive and Negative impact of communication technology

541 Words Essay on Positive and Negative impact of communication technology.

Communication technology is a tool which allows the technology for communication. This technology has a tremendous impact on the communication process. It has changed the face of the entire communication process in today’s world. Emails, Social media, smartphones instant messaging, text messages all have made the world a smaller place by easing the process of staying connected manifolds. There are many positive impacts of communication technology on the society, on the other hand, there are some negative effects too. Let’s have a look on both sides:

Essay on Positive and Negative impact of communication technology

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Positive impact of communication technology:


  • Faster long distance communication: Since the advancement of the communication technology, long distance communication has become easier ,faster and effortless. Gone are the days when you have to send the physicals letters and wait for days to get them delivered. Now there is instant messaging and video calling options like emails, Skype, WhatsApp and much more.
  • Social positive influence: Communication technology has made the everyday life easier. Be it organizing the day, daily tasks, paying utility bills or online banking, it has positively affected society in many ways. Also, the internet and social networking sites have made the process of socializing simpler. There are numerous websites and applications to stay connected with family, friends and other acquaintances.
  • Medium for mass communication: Communication technology has also helped in mass communication. An email or newsletter can be sent to multiple people at the same time-saving effort and time. It is specially used in offices and colleges as a mode of communication.
  • Mode of communication for special ability people: One of the less talked advantages of communication technology is that it has given a medium of communication to people with special needs in the form of various specialized computer software and electronic communication board.

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Negative impact of communication technology


  • Adverse health effects: With the insanely increasing use of cell phones, smartphones, communication technology is posing a great risk to our health. Researchers indicate that excessive use of cell phones, with their low-frequency radiations, can cause brain cancer, sleep disorders, stress and exhaustion and addiction. It is wise to use them in moderation.
  • Addiction: Communication technology in the form of social media websites, instant messaging and smartphones are making people addicted to them. The importance and usefulness of these avenues cannot be denied but with time, addiction to these technological advancements is reaching a point where people are unable to stop themselves from using it every minute of their waking time.
  • Wrong use of the communication technology: One of the struggles these days is to prevent the wrong use of the communication technology avenues. Be it hacking someone’s account for wrong purpose or cyber bullying, it is becoming an area of concern from safety angle.

In a never ending debate of pros and cons of communication technology, the need of the hour is to have the ability to take the right judgment at the right time .It is a great tool to make modern day living easier and hence it should be used to that extent. The power to prevent ourselves from the negative side such as addiction, identity theft, health  hazards is with and no one else.


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