Essay on positive and negative impact of development

Free 500 words Essay on Positive and negative impact of development for school and college students.

India is a developing country. The wellness of the Indian culture is driven by the welfare of the people dwelling in the rural and sub-urban areas.

By development, we mean growth of the people, of the society, and of the nation. Development is a sign of growth in any case but there are certain sectors that indirectly get affected with different pieces of development. The introduction of development has both the positive and the negative impact on the Indian economy and society as well.

Essay on positive and negative impact of development

Positive Impact of Development

The Production cost of manufacturing Industries lowers to a considerable extent. With the development of science and technology, more people have started manufacturing products of their own. This decrease in import cost has saved buyers from playing additional production and import cost.

Makes a nation independent:Development makes a nation, independent.  It is said that before independence, Indians used to spend millions of rupees on importing clothes. Now the textile industry has grown to a significant level and Indians don’t need to pay heavy custom duties anymore.

Creates Employment:Development has created positive impact on the employment of the people. Development means constructing something new and for this huge market is required. Huge market means high chances of employment.

Agricultural Improvement: With the developing age, more people are aware of fertilizers, pesticides, and harmful chemicals that can protect agricultural land and end-products from any kind of harms.

Negative Impact of Development

Every positive impact drives negative impacts side-by-side. No doubt, development has positively impacted our country in one or the other way. Still, ignoring its negative impact won’t be a worth game. Let us have a look at some of the adverse effects of development on the country:

A big loss to the rural Industries: Development has given new comers a chance to flourish and expand their business. This may seem fruitful for the beginners but the rural industries have suffered a lot.

Increased unemployment rate:More of rural area people have started switching their life to towns and cities. This has given rise to problems like unemployment, population increase, and much more.

Cutting of Forests:Due to development, there is constant cutting of trees for relocation, building factories, restaurants, Industrial plants etc. This has taken away greenery from the country and increased pollution as well.

Coming to the negative impact of Pollution: Cutting of trees has invited pollution in the country. Now it is the time when people find it tough to breathe properly.

Increased conflicts between the countries: Development is always for the betterment of the country but it does bring with it many competitors’. Most of the developed nations face tight competition from the developing countries who are directly or indirectly engaged in producing similar kinds of products.

Wrapping Up

It is not the development; rather the selfishness behind the development that brings negative impact on the ethical life of an individual.

Maintaining good relations between the labor class and management, development of our country can be guaranteed.


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