Essay on positive and negative impact of US Patriot act

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Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, famously known as US Patriot Act was signed after a little debate. It came into existence 43 days after the attack of 9/11 in the year 2001. After the tragedy, it seemed only sensible that for applying such policy for fighting the war on terror. There was fear all around and the primary concern for America to make their people feel safe. But with the passing years the questions were put up that whether the Act allowed too much of the interference of government with very little checks and balances. Well, there are of course both pros and cons to the Act and we will be discussing them one by one. Let’s begin with the good part.

Free Essay on Impact Of US Patriot Act

Positive Impact of US Patriot Act


  • Swift Surveillance: The act has made the security surveillance easier by allowing the companies to have a clear division of work between the ones who are able to investigate terrorist activities. Previously, even for the government, surveillance used to be a very tedious and awkward process. However, the Act has smoothed a lot of rough spots in the area.


  • Aiding Law Enforcement: Before the Act came into existence law enforcement used to face a lot of problems that used to hamper their investigations of the terrorists activities. Although, the citizens used to think that the government has the complete independence to investigate anyone who they believed are involved with the terrorist activities, it was quite difficult before the implementation of the Act. The act speeded up the investigation process and easing the terrorist identification process by allowing them to tap the phone calls of the suspect.


  • Support to Victims: The act also provided provisions for the orphaned children allowing the grandparents to apply for the special immigrant status. These children were the ones whose parents were killed in the attack of World Trade Centre, claiming many innocent lives. Had it not been for the Patriot Act, the aids to victims would not have stood any importance. Also, the business owners in the vicinity of the WTC were provided help in rebuilding their building structures.


  • Updated Laws: Patriot Act also made it possible for the victim of the computer hacking to request the assistance of law enforcement in tracking down the hacker. The Act has given equal rights to the physically trespassed and digitally trespassed. Additionally, the law enforcement officers can now request the surveillance from any district which is a huge change from before.


Negative Impact Of US Patriot Act


  • Invasion of Privacy: The citizens of the country have never been concerned about their privacy until the enactment of the Patriot Act. The act has lead to the data mining, i.e. collecting the personal information without the knowledge of the unsuspecting individuals. Although it was done mainly to combat the terrorism but the fact cannot be denied that it does intrude with the privacy, jeopardising their personal freedom and making them uncomfortable. Also, it does give the federal a chance to abuse the power and ability to collect the information on anyone and accuse anyone for the terrorism for their personal vendetta or greed.


  • Anti-Immigrants: Another drawback of the Act is that if any immigrant is suspected of terrorism, he can be detained for the indefinite period. Also, they are not given any trials for proving their innocence. The Act gives the Attorney General the power to decide the fate of the immigrant if his country refuses to take him in after the suspicion of terrorism. The innocents are also grinded in the suspicion and some of the honest immigrants fail to return home much to their and their family’s dilemma.


  • Racial Profiling: The Act also gives a chance of racial profiling as the immigrants and tourists from a country that is suspected to be mostly indulged in the terrorist activities can be singled out and held for the suspicion of motive of terrorism. This is also traumatic to the genuine tourists and immigrants. From the rude remarks to many other things, the Act can put the genuine tourists to shame by asking them to step aside in the process of immigration.


One cannot deny the fact that the Patriot Act has strengthened the Security of the country. But there is no forgetting the fact that it has caused the invasion of privacy of its citizens and distress to many genuine immigrants. The Act has also, to an extent, played a hand in branding the immigrants of certain countries as terrorists just because the country has been mainly associated with causing terrorism. It needs more reforms to make it flawless.


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