Essay on Positive and negative impact of video games on kids

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Playing Video Games for Kids can impact your kids’ growth both the ways: positively and negatively as well. Most of the parents consider playing video games, a complete time waster, and some even think that it impacts the brain. Some kids are fond of playing violent video games and as per some of the Industry experts; it can affect their social behavior to an extreme level. According to scientists, Video games make a kid smart, active, and intelligent. It improves concentration level that helps your kids’ in the future.

Essay on Positive and negative impact of video games on kids

Below are the positive and negative Impacts of playing video games, as per experts:

Positive Impact of Video Games on kids

Playing video games is an overall body exercise and refreshes your kids’ brain and mood:

  • Mental development: When a child plays any video game that has puzzles, mysteries, or any other adventurous thing to solve, his or her mental skills improve.
  • Improvement in fine motor skills.Many games like shooting games require attention and smartness from players’ end in order to track the target and hit it. Hand-eye coordination, overall muscle strengthening, and much more, are known to show improvement over of period of time.
  • Managerial skills development: Planning, managing available resources, handling logistics, and creativity skills are automatically improved.
  • Faster Learning: Playing video games improves response time and your kid’s sharpness used in the game would be reflected in the studies as well.
  • Improved Accuracy: Puzzle games, math tricky games, science quick tricks etc like video game improves accuracy and makes a player, a perfect student of his or her school time.
  • Development of reading skills: There are games that contain a set of instructions to be followed before playing the game. This enhances your kids reading skills
  • Memory: When your kid is playing a video game, he or she is asked to beat the previous score and much more information from the previous game. This checks his or her ability to memorize things to effectively use in the next game.
  • Concentration: Kids mostly have poor concentration level and they find it difficult to study continuously for an hour. Playing video games improve their concentration level and they tend to study for longer hours.

Negative Impact of Video Games on Kids

  • Violent: The first and most important negative impact that is worth mentioning here is the Violence, this game contains. Kids who often play violent games tend to become violent and adapt their favorite character nature soon.
  • It is an addiction: Kids playing video games are often seen playing and take less interest in social gatherings.
  • Affects Studies: Playing video games distracts kids from studies and they spend less time in studying and more in playing games. This impacts their studies and marks tend to decrease spontaneously.

Wrapping up

Playing video games is both advantageous and disadvantageous for your kids. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep a check on your kids and monitor How they are playing and what type of games they are playing.

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