Essay on reasons to go to college

Chances are that your kid had already asked you this question as to why he needs to go to college. And if you are not sure what to answer or how to answer that question then you need to read on. Better yet, you may want to ask your kid to review the same so that he gets a better understanding on the need to go to college so that he is able to compete against others effectively.

reasons to attend college

Make more money: It is common knowledge that those who graduate successfully from college are able to compete for better-paying jobs more effectively. In fact, according to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a college degree earn twice or thrice over what a college dropout or a school graduate makes on an average. In short, if you want to earn more, you would need to apply for better-paying jobs and a college degree can make that happen. This is why a college degree is not just necessary but essential

Security: Companies are often forced to downsize, and more often than not, the temp workers, high school graduates are often the first ones to be laid off. It would be too much of a stretch to claim that a college degree can protect you from getting carded but the fact remains that with a college degree, the company may see more sense in retaining your services.

Employment: With employment figures just settling down near the median, it was found that the unemployment rate for high school graduates was twice that of college graduates. Essentially what this means is that companies have started focusing more on retaining talented people, people with skills who have graduated from some of the top colleges in order to perform better. In other words, with a college degree, you should be able to land another job rather quickly than you would, as a high school graduate.

Network: Enrolling in a college enables you to develop new skills and among them, to develop a network of friends and colleagues who can provide you with help and assistance should you need any. It always pays to develop a network and having a network of highly accomplished friends will always pay dividends sooner or later in your life. Moreover, this network’ may make it possible for you to get your foot through the door. This is why it is essential that you attend college without fail as it enables you to form important connections that will serve you for the rest of your life. Remember the phrase, “old boy’s network”, well, this is what that particular phrase was referring to, as any network you form in college would definitely come handy and prove to be useful.

Better health: Graduating from college on its own is not a guarantee of good health; rather college graduates land good-paying jobs more quickly and as a result, are more likely to take better care of themselves, their appearance, their health and as a result, live long fulfilled lives (dependent on the nature of the job itself). Most college graduates with good jobs will have a better income inflow, and part of it would go towards health insurance. They are also more likely to consult a healthcare professional periodically and in the process, take better care of their health. On the contrary, high school graduates and college dropouts are less likely to have any detailed health plan and would be dependent on the healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid for adequate medical care. They are less likely to consult healthcare professionals regularly and often, cannot afford prolonged periods of hospitalizations.

Savings: Though this depends more on the individual than a college degree, the fact remains that college graduates are better paid than high school graduates. And as such, they are more likely to have a comprehensive savings plan and may even start planning for their retirement early on. On the contrary, high school graduates rarely have enough funds to meet the basic necessities and often find it hard to save more than a few hundred each month.

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These are some of the reasons why you should always opt for a college degree as it can help guarantee you a better quality of living. More than the money that you may make once you graduate from college, you should rather ask yourself as to whether you would be okay with living with the minimum wage and whether that would be enough for you?

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