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The world is suffering from the problems of refugees. According to the data in September 2016, the number of people forced from the home reached to a whooping 65.3 million. From among them, approximately 22 million had been refugees with over half of them being under the age of 18. People move for seeking security and better economic and environmental conditions.

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The biggest movement took place post World War II in South Asia where approximately 14 million people crossed the border that was newly created between India and Pakistan. Almost 8 million Muslims left for Pakistan and 6 millions Hindus and Sikhs moved to India. In the year 1980, Pakistan also hosted approximately 4 millions of Afghan refugees who fled their country during the war with Soviet Union. Among them, only a few moved back to Afghanistan while others either moved to Iran or remained in Pakistan.


The civil war in Syria has also caused huge human suffering. Approximately 21 million people, constituting almost half the population fled the country while the other half perished. Almost 6 million refugees have moved to the neighbouring countries and over a million moved to the continent of Europe causing major crisis there. It was the crisis in Europe caused by the refugees that brought everyone’s attention to the issue.


Facts about the World’s Refugees


  • Approximately 1 in the 100 people around the world is displaced. The levels of displacement are higher in certain regions of the world as compared to the others. Almost 5.6%, meaning 1 in 20 people are displaced in the Middle East, while in the continent of Africa 1 in 60 people, i.e. 1.6% is displaced. And approximately 0.7% of the Europe’s population is displaced.


  • Syria has also seen unprecedented numbers of displacement, constituting 6 in 10 people. The estimates show that almost 12.5 million Syrians have been displaced which is a huge jump from less than 1 million in the year 2011.


  • In 2015, European countries, Norway and Switzerland hosted a record number of refugees constituting 1.3 million people. Half the refugees among them traced their origins to three countries mostly that are Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Germany, Hungary and Sweden were the host countries that together received the application of more than half of asylum seeker.


  • Since mid 2015, the portion of foreign population in the European countries has dramatically increased. This has been due to both the asylum seekers and economic migrants that entered the European countries. Sweden saw the most point-percentage gain followed by Norway and Austria. France and United Kingdom saw little rise for they did not take in large number of asylum seekers.


  • Europe witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of unaccompanied minors seeking refugee and among almost half of them had been from Afghanistan.


  • As compared to 2015, 2016 Europe has seen relatively less refugees. The showers of Greece has seen approximately 100 refugees landing there every day from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries which was close to thousands earlier.


  • In 1980, the count of refugee arrivals spiked up in the US due to the shift of refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia. In 1990s, political turmoil in Europe pushed a large influx of refugees came to US. In 2001 the Patriot Act was passed which restricted the annual number of refugees in the US, resulting in fewer than 30,000 refugees in 2002 and 2003. But with the uptick of Somali refugees the number went up again in the year 2004. And in the year 2008, a large number of residents of Bhutan and Burma were granted the status of refugees. In 2016, the countries of origin of refugees to the US shifted to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Syria.

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Eu has been trying to deal with the refugee problems in the European countries but they have overwhelming disapproved of the steps EU has taken. Greeks have disapproved the highest with 94% of its population against the way EU has been dealing with the refugee problems. 88% of the Swedes have disapproved the same followed by 77% of the Italians. Setting a refugee camp is a highly expensive work and lack of funding makes it all the more difficult. It prevents the situations in the camp from getting better. The United Nations Refugee Agency, in 2016, estimated that approximately 60 million people worldwide are displaced. The problem of refugees is most in the Middle East but it cannot be denied that it is affecting all the countries, some more, some less.

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