Free 600 words essay on positive and negative effects of Selfie for school and college students.

Selfies can rightly be called the fastest growing trend of the modern world. In 2013, it was named the “word of the year” by the Oxford Dictionary for its drastic elevation in usage. Everyone from Presidents and Prime Ministers of nations to teeny-tiny children are engulfed with the influence of this photo capturing technique. It’s just so easy to flip your camera, hold your phone at the right angle, and click, meanwhile being able to see and control how you’re going to look. This art of selfie-taking has now been perfected by so many people.

Free Essay on positive and negative effects of Selfie

Selfies have made social media so much more interesting, but is this trend, which has fascinated everyone in the recent years, turning people into narcissistic individuals? This article will delve upon how selfie-taking can positively and negatively impact people.

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Positive Effects of Selfie

A Confidence Booster

Do you remember the times with no front cameras, when if you were out somewhere, let’s say a party, and you so wanted to know how you were looking at that exact moment; or, were just getting conscious about that smudged eyeliner? Well, selfies have made it all so much easier. We can always know how we’re looking, and if it’s all good, it’s such a confidence booster. And if not, you can save yourself from some major faux pas. With all the likes and wonderful comments flooding our notification bars, selfies can make us feel so great about ourselves.

Improved Social Life

Social Media has connected people worldwide. We can stay in touch even with our distant relatives and friends. And with selfies, it all becomes better. You can know how the people you haven’t met in years look now, or what they’re currently up to. So many applications have developed only for the purpose of sharing pictures, and with those cute Snapchat filters, you do have a chance to impress your crush.

Capturing Memories has become so easy

Holidaying in Goa? Take a selfie. Partying in a club? Take a selfie. At the theatres? Take a selfie. Taking selfies has made capturing memories so much easier. All those little moments can be turned into stills by using your front camera. Now, you don’t even need to ask a stranger to click a group picture for you, because selfie-sticks come to the rescue.

Negative Effects of Selfie

Emphasis on Physical Appearance

A selfie just shows how a person looks on the outside. It’s so easy to fake oneself with the help of a picture. And with ridiculous trends like bottom selfies or belfies, it has all come down only to physical appearance of a person.

Developed both Narcissistic Tendencies as well as Inferiority Complex

Researches have shown that people who take more selfies have narcissistic tendencies. This may be the outcome of being really photogenic or getting hundreds of likes on your pictures. On the other hand, people who don’t receive much likes, start developing an inferiority complex.

Put Life to Danger

Taking selfies has become an obsession among some individuals. People have lost their lives in trying to take the perfect selfie. Recently, there was another case, where a teenager tried to commit suicide because he was not able to take the desired selfie even after trying for 10 hours. Weird, isn’t it?

People have stopped Living the Moment

It has all come down to just taking pictures. Instead of really living the moment, these days people are just considered about taking pictures and posting it on social media. They like to show the world that they’re having fun as opposed to really having fun.

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