Essay on should cellphones be used as a tool in education?

Free 550 words essay on should cellphones be used as a tool in education? for school and college students.

Smartphones are one of the highest selling consumer goods in the world right now. These internet connected devices have made our lives easier and also changed the way we interact with people and things on a daily. The merits and demerits of smartphones have been argued at length. There have been some extreme views on the use of smartphones and social media but the role of smartphones in education is yet to be fully looked into. Most schools and other educational institutions choose to keep smartphones out of their classrooms. But, could there be any merit in putting a phone in the hands of every student?

Free Essay on should cellphones be used as a tool in education

The answer is a very sound, YES. But there are some things that need to be changed to accommodate such a scenario. The way we look at smartphones and the policies we currently have are not suitable. First and foremost I would like to come clear by saying that I won’t consider a regular smartphone a tool that I can give to students and expect them to use wisely.

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Smartphones would need to be redesigned for class use and made more of an educational tool first. What I would consider a perfect device for learning would be one where you have an access to a plethora of information that is accessible with just a few taps on a screen, well curated information at that.

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An ideal smartphone for the class would allow students to interact and share ideas with their peers and teachers and give them the information they need on demand. Yes, you could do the same with any computer or smartphone, what I want you to understand is that the simple Google search only gives you results for external pages and there are also a ton of things that could get you deviate from the core objective of learning. Kind of like how you start watching one video and before you know it end up watching 10 more. That isn’t the scenario we want when we are trying to inculcate knowledge. We want students to access information and focus on the information. Being the connected and versatile devices they are, it is possible to make this a reality.

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The other main reason why smartphones could be an ideal educational tool is that they are very cheap. PC’s or laptops are more preferable over smartphones for helping students but smartphones are considerably cheaper. A smartphone is still a computer on your palm, it may be small but it has the capabilities to stay connected to the internet and can still handle basic computing tasks very easily. This means that we can basically put more computers in the hands of more students at a significantly lesser cost. You could basically put smartphones in the hands of 2 students instead of putting a laptop in the hands of one.

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So to sum things up. Smartphones should definitely be used as tools for education because of their versatility and cost effectiveness but changes do have to be made to make them more student friendly. The current policy of looking at smartphones as evil in classrooms can’t last forever. There are considerable merits in using smartphones in classrooms. If done right smartphones can be the perfect learning tools for students that will keep them engaged and their curious minds fed.

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