Essay on Students and Fashion

Free 400+ words essay on Students and Fashion  for school and college students.

Handling the next generation has always been a challenging task for the hitherto one given the swift change in lifestyles and perceptions. These changes can be attributed to transformations in media or technological advancement. Whatever the mechanism be, there is always an element of change that differentiates the present from the past. Students are the most budding and vivacious element of the next generation. They are extremely receptive to fresh changes and activities that surround them. There is an innate fascination to objects that are glossy, attractive, vibrant, and different. This is how fashion and divergence of students go hand in hand. Most end up wasting up their precious time, and others are unable to cope up with the pressure of those visibly enticing yet shallow magnificence. Both of this causes resentment, depression, and low levels of performance and productivity.

Free Essay on Students and Fashion

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Fashion can be represented in different senses. It can either be related to garments, additional skin enhancement, gadgets, automobiles or anything that is in vogue. Generally, fashionable things come as expensive which might not be affordable to a large chunk of people willing to embrace it. This results in dissonance with normal activities of students whose prerogative and responsibility is to study, persevere, and concentrate to land up in a lucrative career. Fashion often downgrades ambitions and spirals into redundancies.

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Objectification is the most notorious form of pursuit of fashion. These days carrying an iPhone or other expensive gadget, wearing sumptuous clothes, carrying expensive bags, driving swanky cars, and eating in luxurious restaurants, are considered as fashion status. Fashion icons are revered and mindset diverted from useful things. Such counterproductive activities have a long-term effect on students’ career and mannerism.

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Since the advent and expansion of the influence of social media, the trend of living beyond one’s means has become a common phenomenon. Sharing photos online, carrying a hollow attitude, and habit of condescension has created a buzz, facilitating wastage of time at a large scale. This has exacerbated peer-to-peer relationship and created an enormous pressure on the ones who don’t have easy means of acquiring fashionable or demanded objects.

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Students need to be counseled by parents and elders about the necessity of concentration more on a stable, happy, competitive, and learned environment. Knowledge gives enlightenment other than a successful career. Fashion is hypocritical and mindless. It can never be stable, supportive, or everlasting. On the other hand, it is volatile, unnecessary and spoiling.


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