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Syrian Civil War started in 2011 and in the recent update from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, it has been reported that 3,86,000 people have been killed including nearly 14,000 children. March 13, 2017 marks the 6th anniversary of this Civil War. The conflict has become more violent since its inception, especially after the joining of foreign powers.

Free Essay on Syrian Refugees Crisis

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The infrastructure of Syria has collapsed. This can be deciphered by understanding the fact that 95% of the population of Syria currently lacks adequate healthcare and approximately 70% of the population lacks regular access to clean water.


Syrians are facing problem in every aspect of their life ranging from basic sanitation, clean water and food supplies, primary health assistance to adequate shelter.


Children from Syria have faced the most atrocious situation of their lifetime. They have witnessed unbearable violence and brutality, lost their loved ones, missed effective years of schooling and suffered multitudinous injuries both physical and mental. According to the US State Department, they are being used as manpower for fighting, as human shields and also in support roles. They have been deprived of their basic right of schooling and have been made vulnerable to exploitation both physically and sexually. The conditions which they have experienced during their nurturing time have disposed them vulnerable to becoming difficult human personalities in future. With no economic support to take care of themselves and their families, they have been made liable to innumerable health conditions, for example malnutrition and diseases of poor sanitation like cholera. Cold weather has also added to their problems by making them susceptible to pneumonia and other respiratory disorders. As per the experts, the future of these children lies in dark. The female youths are experiencing marital problems which would increase multifold in the near future. Their parents are struggling to get them married.


It was recorded in 2016 that 13.5 million Syrian population needed humanitarian services post the Syrian Civil War since 2011, of which 6 million were internally displaced within Syria. Displaced Syrians relocated to less troubled areas of Syria. 4.8 million Syrians have left the country and become refugees in other countries. They are the permanent members of Syrian Arab Republic. Turkey is the home to the largest number of Syrian refugees that is approximately 2.6 million. The total number of Syrian refugees registered by April 2017 was 5,029,562. Apart from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq have also sheltered many Syrian refugees.


Many Syrians tried to flee into European Countries through sea. A company in Turkey sold fake life-jackets to Syrians trying to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece. In few countries, the refugees lived life in degraded jail-like conditions, whereas few refugees turned to prostitution for their sustenance. Some non-Syrians used it as an opportunity to obtain shelter in European Countries by faking Syrian passports. Many Syrians were beaten up while trying to migrate into European countries. An NGO of London origin reported that the Turkish guards were involved in routinely shooting the refugees stranded at the border. Also, the Turkish Government forcibly returned many Syrian refugees back to war-zone in January 2016. Amongst all the antagonism, In September 2013, Sweden became the first European Union country to grant Permanent Residency to all asylum seekers and the right to family reunification. This was because of the worsening conditions of Syria; Greece was praised for showing “remarkable solidarity and compassion” towards Syrian refugees in June 2016. Today Syrians need basic facilities to sustain the life like food clean water basic sanitation shelter Health Care assistance and clean environment. Adults in Syria critically need employment and children desperately need schooling. To draw a close, it may be inferred that the Syrian citizens have been suffering enormously because of the Civil War proving it to be a crisis.

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