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Artificial intelligence and the associated mind-boggling breakthroughs have placed an important question that whether humans and technology are competitive or complementary. Machines are yet to learn the uniquely human activities such as reason, action, reaction, language, logic, adaptation, and learning. However, they are inching closer with technology taking quantum leaps. The divide between human and machines are shrinking. Humans might soon employ robots as their personal assistant. It is often said that the future of technology is all too human. The onset of Fourth Industrial Revolution is already placing doubts about the replacement of humans with machines. There is rising fear over automation bring job losses and large-scale layoffs, already seen in some quarters. 

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Experts are of the view that every single technological change is now impacting humanity in a much deeper way than it ever did before. Technology is not set to change biology through genome editing and artificial intelligence. Certain technologies such as deep learning, Nano-science, material sciences, energy, etc., is bringing an age where humans will have the same processing power as the human brain. This singularity will occur in less than a decade. This can even be called a case of future shock where machines get smarter and humans less active. As an exemplification, it has been observed that pilots forget to fly airplanes due to excessive application of autopilot mode. However, a more general view is that man and machines would converge rather than clash, as the existence of machines is unsustainable and unrealistic without human interface.

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Others are of the view that excessive dependence on machines can eliminate the need for humans. The magnitude with which we are immersed in and beset with apps and devices, there is minimalistic meaningful interaction. The trailblazing algorithms, robots, and self-driving cars are a testimony of mechanistic preponderance over humans. There are some pieces of evidence in support of these overtly outrageous assumptions. Online ordering through e-commercial outlets that has ventured into almost every possible business has downsized human interaction and recommendation. Downloading and streaming are the ubiquitous normal such as music functions as a means of heightened human engagement is getting less popular now. Ride-hailing apps are fed with destinations beforehand are comfortable convenient and hassle-free. Driverless cars are in addition to this already theoretical elimination. Automated shopping has already taken place of even normal grocery shopping. Artificial intelligence is said to make better decisions than humans. The Stanford University algorithm that replaces the sophisticated “Radiology” experts quintessentially describes this feature. Factories are employing fewer workers now which means robot workforce. The improved speech recognition means automated personal assistants as seen in Google Home or Amazon Echo.

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Similarly, improvements and innovations in crunching massive amounts of data bring patterns hitherto unknown. Video games that had already outlawed outdoor sports have now got replaced by virtual reality which implies singularity. Social media is already a simulation of real connection. Finally, massive online courses or MOOCs have brought online education that declines direct teacher interaction.

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Does this imply any potential threat to the convergence of humans with these blazing fast technological transformations? Life is not a sci-fi movie and any development in technology requires human intervention. There is also an element of social challenge. The automation of labor is the biggest dilemma of this entire generation. Billionaire Warren Buffet says that there are multiple intelligences and particular skills are favored at particular times. Cognitive computing and genetic algorithms can’t replace humans so simplistically, instead, these make things easier and faster. Although Artificial intelligence is bringing disruptive solutions to medical science, only human compassion and stimulus can solve the worst possible emergencies. Predictive technologies are more exciting than chaotic. Massive complications can be solved by the virtue of its forecasting, defense, and prediction. Humans will always be inevitable in developing better algorithms and perpetuating the rhythm of technological upgrades.

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