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Today, if we try to look at the different kinds of industries which employ or offer services for the betterment of human community, we shall find one thing very common. i.e. the use of technology. Introducing high-end advancements since the late 90s, technical advancements have taken over a great deal of industries for good. Almost all areas of businesses and work forms are seen using features of the technology and this has only been making life and work easier than before for everyone. The medical field does not lag behind in this. The evolving technology has many positive effects on the medical field which is still evolving.

free essay on Impact of technology on healthcare

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Impact of technology on healthcare:

Talking specifically about the impact of technology on the healthcare industry, we can see a lot of positive impacts been made since the time it all started. Everything has changed for good. Life is easier because of the new methods of doing things that have been introduced by technology. In healthcare, research work has been simplified. Due to the availability of internet facilities at all times, research work can be done with utmost ease. Various machines that have been evolving for diagnosis, cure, surgical processes have been adding to some of the great advantages the technology field has been providing us.

Let us look at the various impacts of technology on the healthcare industry one by one below.

  • Online Medical Services: In the new age, medical services are not just restricted to the physical hospitals. Many doctors and practitioners have been seen taking their medical services online too. You can contact the doctors for appointment online through their marketing applications that are available for download on all smartphones. Not only can you talk to the doctor for appointments, but you can also join a community where medical problems and various symptoms are discussed. This would naturally increase your knowledge and awareness.
  • Advanced machines: Due to modern technology, many advanced machines have been introduced which are presently used in the hospitals. Medical machinery ranges all from x-ray machines, gamma ray machines, diagnostic machines, nebuliser etc. A number of advanced machines have been making the medical processes easier and faster so that more number of patients can be cured in lesser time.
  • ECG Analysis through Cloud Computing: The all new and the most popular advancement in technology is the cloud computing platforms that are trending and succeeding like a boss. Cloud computing is a computing technology that lets clients deploy and use services from a common server known as cloud. With the help of this, the ECG analysis can be done even from home. Reading and instructions are now uploaded onto the cloud from where the patient can measure their heartbeat in the case of emergency and immediately report to the doctor. This can save the patient in case of emergency without rushing to the hospital.
  • Improved medical imaging system: Digital images produced by the x-ray machines and gamma ray machines needs processing to be able to read and note the details accurately. The technical advancements here again come to the rescue. Various software for image processing such as MATLAB etc. have been introduced to deal with the imaging field directly. Using them, a doctor can better analyse a medical image and offer better ways to cure the problem.
  • Research convenience: As mentioned earlier, the research work has also been made easier by the technology. Doctors and researchers post their observations, readings, analysis reports etc. on the internet. There can be an easy to access community made where such issues can be posted and discussed. A new researcher will then be able to dive into his subjects more easily. This will not only make their work easier but also help other users to look up for symptoms, cures, preventions etc.

As much as the technical excellence has been adding to the convenience of the health care industry, it also has a dark side. As we can see, there are various websites that offer healthy living lifestyles and answer to all the questions by the patients. However, you need to take care to not to replace your physician with these sites since they can sometimes be wrong. Self-diagnosis with the help of cloud services, as mentioned earlier, could be a good thing, but only in the case of emergency. If you make it a normal thing, you might end up getting fake results and affect your health in a drastic way.

All you need to do is not to let excess of anything technical take over when it comes to your health. Use the technology for betterment, but be careful and stay safe.

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