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Are you wary of Maths? Read this article to know why we study it. People who are bad at numbers curse the education department for including maths in the curriculum. However, they do not know how important this subject is. What do the following activities have in common: Going out for dinner; choosing a shampoo; planning a holiday; visiting a hotel; etc? We use maths in all of them. You may question, how? The answer to that is given in this article. This article elaborates on the activities in which we use maths in our everyday life and how we use it.

free essay on use maths in everyday life

Use of maths in a hotel

It is your birthday and you decide to go out for a meal with your friends. When you reach the restaurant and look down at the menu to select what to eat, you will observe that the restaurant owner has worked out and given how much is the cost of making the dish, staff wages, and overheads and so on, in the menu. The owner has also created the prices keeping in mind future inflation. Also configured in those rates are his projections for the number of customers he will get, so that he makes a profit in his business. All this requires maths.

When you place the order and the chef gets to work, she has to measure the ingredients and use them in the right proportion so that she is able to prepare a dish that is tasty and edible. This requires the knowledge of ratio and proportion. In short, here too, maths is involved. After you complete your meal and the waiter gets the bill, you have to total the items and check the total bill. While doing this you will check whether he has billed you correctly and then total the items and their prices. This again requires maths. Thus, we see that maths is used everywhere in a hotel visit.

Use of maths at home

People who use an alarm to get up in the morning use maths right from the time they wake up. When setting an alarm or pressing snooze on it, they will need to calculate the time they need to rise. This requires maths. Further, they will decide to skip their morning exercise routine and make up for it by consuming lesser calories during the day. They decide to skip lunch and have a brunch and make that the first and last meal of the day. Here, you will have to calculate how many minimum calories the body requires to perform at its optimum. This requires Maths.

People, who are on medication, require measuring their medicine while taking it. This again requires maths. A parent needs Maths when he has to distribute a piece of chocolate among two of his kids. He has to do it equally or else they will start fighting. Like the chef in the restaurant, your mother too, requires Maths while cooking your meals because she has to proportion the ingredients required in the dish she is preparing. Thus, we see that we require Maths at home too.

Use of maths at school

Students cannot rid themselves of Maths. It is there to hound them everywhere. In History and English classes, to understand the time expanse of decades mentioned in a passage or while calculating centuries or eras for which a particular king ruled a kingdom. They also require Maths when they need to decide how many more marks they will need in order to convert their B grade in English to an A. Teachers also require Maths to calculate the number of hours they have taught.

Teachers also require Maths to plan how they will complete the portion, in time for the exam. The principal requires Maths to set the timetable for the students. Teachers require Maths to count how many days a particular student was present in class. Teachers also require Maths in calculating whether they have received the right amount as their salary. A student batsman requires Maths to calculate the trajectory of a ball, thrown by his colleague, so that it can be hit it with the maximum power, to score maximum runs.

Use of maths while travelling

Travellers often require Maths when they are filling up the fuel tank of their vehicle. They need Maths to calculate how much fuel they will require if they have to fill it up for a week. They will require Maths to find out the mileage given by their vehicle. If you are going somewhere by airplane, you will have to calculate the time before which you will have to reach the airport so as not to miss your flight. Here again, you will require Maths. An airport also requires Maths to schedule your flights.

Thus, we have discovered that Maths is everywhere and there is no way that students can avoid this subject in school.

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