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Do you know which is the most fundamental of all sciences? Unless you are a trained physics graduate or an engineering program graduate, you will not know it. Do you know, you would not be reading this article without this science?  In this article, we will be going in-depth to understand just why physics is the most vital of sciences and why studying it is very important.



Applications of physics in everyday life

Physics is widely used in the following areas:

  • Maintaining the health of the human body

Physics has contributed immensely to the medical field and consequently it helps us maintain the health of our bodies. We will see how. When you get your blood pressure checked at the doctor’s clinic, you do it with a gadget that was made by physics. This branch of physics is called medical physics and it comes into play here. X-rays can help you find out broken bones in your body. X-ray machines are a result of physics. With an ultrasound machine, we test a newborn baby’s health, when it is in the mother’s womb. This is a result of medical physics.

  • Providing energy to perform

Physics has helped power the laptop or desktop on which you are reading this article. The little light in your refrigerator, which you use to store your cold water, is powered by physics. Solar powered cars, about which we are now talking, require physics. Nuclear power plants and windmills too cannot function without physics. We cannot run our vehicles unless physics helps us extract and process the oil, they require. Physics is the key for mining coal. Physics aids us in finding new, cleaner and environmentally friendly sources of energy.

  • Helping us communicate

The internet, is developed on the principles of physics. If there would be no internet, we would have no email facility. If we had no email facility, we would not be able to communicate with people who stay across long distances, in seconds.  Your smart phone too, is a product of physics. Your landline connection too is a result of physics. Even the rotary dial on your landline phone would not have been possible without physics. Truly, without physics we would still be stuck with our horse messengers or pigeons to deliver our messages across long distances.

  • Transporting people and goods from one location to another

The planes, trains and buses that we use to go from one location to another are powered by coal and fuel. We already discussed above that these resources require physics to be produced. However, physics’ role in these transportation modes is even more intense. Planes would not have been able to fly without the principles of physics. The driverless cars that Google and other competitors are talking about will be created based on the principles of physics. Physics helps us do space travel too.

  • Developing electronic gadgets

Physics helps us develop our electronic gadgets that we use to make our lives simpler. Take the example of the computer on which you are reading this article. The machine itself and all its components are created on the principles of physics. Likewise, the processor of your smart phone, the television you use to see the news, the memory in your tablet, laser machines which help us treat cancer, etc.,  are all creations of physics. If we go a step further, CDs, DVD players, Blu Ray players, etc., are all creations of physics.

  • Helping in constructing buildings

The buildings, in which we live, are made on the principles of physics. The principles help support the various parts of the building by making it stable. Physics helps us study the behavior of the buildings at the time of a natural calamity like an earthquake. Physics is required again, to create aesthetically rich structures, which are listed in the heritage structure list. We would not have the Seven Wonders of the World, without physics. Physics also helps us make our buildings safe and secure.

  • Helping the economy

Physics is also responsible in affecting the economy.  Engineers, physicists, pilots get jobs because they have studied the science. Doctors owe their careers to physics, as we have already discussed above. The oil that is created by physics is sold to other countries in return for foreign aid. This oil also helps run the industries that manufacture the goods that are exported to earn foreign exchange. Talking of transportation, people would not have been able to move from one place to another to work, without the numerous modes of transport that physics helps function.

Physics is really amazing

In this article, we have not covered the use of physics principles in cooking. Truly speaking, our lives would have been much harder without this science.

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