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You might not believe it, but the moment we wake up in the morning, we start dealing with science. The alarm clock that we get up with is a product of science. So is the tea/coffee that we have, first thing on waking up. In our working lives also, we deal with science regularly. Take the activity of using a calculator. This involves science. Using a washing machine to wash clothes, also involves science. In short, all the gadgets that we use in our lives are a product of science. We would not be living the sophisticated lives that we live right now, if it would not have been for science.



Uses of science in daily life

Here are a few uses of science in everyday life.

  • Science makes communication possible

The mobile phones, internet services and landline phones that we use extensively today, would not be there without science. In addition, the GPS systems, the fax machines, Xerox machines, desktop computers, laptops, DVDs, vcds, etc., are all a gift of science to humankind. All these devices have made it possible for us to share knowledge and information with each other. It has also made the world smaller than it actually is. It has helped us communicate over long distances and make ourselves heard. Thus, it can be said that science has made communication possible.

  • Science is used in medicine

The field of medicine owes its existence to advances in science. Right from the stethoscope to the X-ray machine to the ECG, machine, are all products of science. Millions of diseases like cancer, dengue, etc., owe their cure to science. Heart transplants, organ transplants, blood transfusion, are all possible because of science. Our medicines are also a product of science. The basic medicine for headache, aspirin would not have been there, had it not been for science.  Alternate medicines also owe their existence to science. Science assists us in researching these alternate medicinal resources so that we get an alternative to allopathic medicines.

  • Science helps us research the various forms of energy

The various forms of energy that we use in everyday life are there, thanks to science. The discovery of atomic energy has started the trend of discovery of various advanced forms of energy to be used in everyday life. Electricity, the daily need of our lives, is also due to science. Electricity has enabled man to work at night too and thus increase his productivity.  Gadgets like the television and the humble radio are both a products of science. Now science is also giving us solar energy, which can be used to replace the electricity that we use.

  • Science is present in every machine we use

Right from the humble calculator to the high-end mobile phone, science is present in every gadget we use. These gadgets make our lives simple. The alarm clock we mentioned above is also a product of science. We use machines right from the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed. All these machines are in existence because of science. Science has given us these machines to make our lives more comfortable and simpler. Science has freed up time for us to spend with our families by helping invent these machines.


  • Kids playing in the playground involves science

The activity of flying kites that kids are involved in, has science. The elements of angle of elevation, speed and distance are all understood only after understanding the principles of science. Kids also have a tendency to play on slides. This again is a product of science. When kids participate in sports, they can use the principles of science to compete. All the toys that are used by kids like video games, play-station, etc. are all products of science. Many of the learning tools that kids use today would not have been there, but for science.

  • Cooking involves science

The ice cubes that we make in our refrigerators, is a perfect example of the application of the principles of science. When we cook something, we use the principles of science. The principles of evaporation and condensation involved in the process of cooking have come from science. The gas that we use to cook our food has also come because of science. Thus, cooking also involves science.


Thus, we see the importance of science in our everyday lives. If it had not been for science, many facilities that we enjoy today would not have been there. Truly, science is important in everyday life.

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