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The most dynamic, exciting, and adventurous age of human existence is youth. This is the time when young people explore the world, set their foot into the realities and idiosyncrasies of life, learn the best and worst lessons of life, attain maturity thereby practicing pragmatism, and possess an undying zeal to achieve the best of everything possible. Youth is the spring of life, the most favorable period to discover ambitions and achieve them through relentless efforts. They are not just creators of the future but also a team bound strongly with strength and solidarity. A youth festival is an excellent way of bringing together passion and fervor translating them into innovation, inventions, and transformation. It is a method of consolidation among people of similar age, ambitions, and desires. 

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A youth festival can typically be described to be full of fun and frolic including events such as dance, drama, literary competitions, acting contests, games, sports, musical events, public speaking competitions, and other cultural or creative events. The primary motive is interaction among various wings to share ideologies, creativity, nurture collaborations, encourage friendship, and ensure cooperation. Such multicultural events foster brotherhood, enlighten minds, eliminates prejudices, making the world a better place to live in.

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Generally, youth festivals are conducted at several levels of hierarchy. One of the most ubiquitous ones are in educational institutions. Inter-collegiate events are something which students look for throughout the year. This is the ultimate chance of celebrating youth at a large scale. Such events often beam with enthusiasm and proliferate ecstasy. It is made sure that the competitions are exhilarating whereby boundaries and hesitations are mere words. People come closer, interact with each other, share ideas, and share plans for the future. Such genuine social constructivism adds multiple skills to personalities. It is a method of bridging gaps. Quite evidently, there can be no method of mitigating biases other than negotiations, debates, and deliberations. When youth talk to each other through such platforms, they form a different opinion about each other, as compared to the hitherto mindset fed to them from conventions of previous generation. The world is changing at a lightning pace with every second bringing a eureka moment. In such circumstances, a past baggage needs to be shed. Youth festival has that exact functionality.

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Further illustration takes us to the general sequence of events which can be related to sports, politics, public speaking, contests, or cultural enterprises. With a fierce spirit of healthy competition, there is a sudden exposure to the plethora of qualitative talent existing around. This is how youth learn to engage, perform better, and grasp their challenges in a much better way. Debate competitions or Model United Nations are extremely powerful methods of putting one’s point before others in a robust and effective way. It opens a Pandora’s box of knowledge and youngsters get to know the international standards of education and know-how. Similarly, youth festivals are also comprised of literary contests that are enlivening for the lovers of books and literature. It is a chance to meet with like-minded talented writers, book lovers, and bloggers with whom a simple conversation turns into great friendship. Dance and music are an inevitable part of happiness. Musical symphony and sonorous beats raise heartbeats and make the youth come out in all its colors.

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Coming this close is how youth transcend ideological differences, political skirmishes, and jealousies. They simply revel in the joy of music and enigma of cooperation. This engendered friendship is more important than the traditional and hollow differences created in the social structures of life. A youth festival motivates one towards excellence, splendor, radiance, and most importantly the true meaning of life. As people age, they shoulder responsibilities, share the burden of driving the world, are laden with multiple tasks of raising families, and passing on benefits to the next generation. There is little time for such leisure. Youth, on the other hand, is constant rejuvenation. It is a reminder of life lives turn out to be mundane without such adventurous expeditions. This intermingling of ideas, juxtaposition of thoughts, and extravagance of love and friendship makes youth festivals one of the most cherished events of a lifetime. Not just brotherhood and friendship, it creates a foundation of eternal peace.

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